Think Outside The Box For Smaller Energy Bills

December 18, 2011 by Lonrna Davis  
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As electricity prices spiral way out of control we’re all searching for methods to help reduce our power consumption. The bad news is that with oil prices bumping $100 a barrel the rising trend in electricity costs is most likely going to get worse not better. Almost all of the easy systems of reducing the amount of electricity you use on a day by day basis you have possibly already implemented.

Strategies like replacing bulbs in your home with low-energy ones and switching off new appliances for example are both cheap and simple to effect however there is a lot more that can be done if you're ready to spend a little cash now for Energy Savings Products.

The following methods though not advanced science or dear to carry out will in the long term help you to cut the amount of electricity you consume although break even point won't be realized for about a year.

Electricity Consumption Monitors. For roughly $40 you can purchase a gadget which consistently monitors the amount of electricity you are using at any particular time. These devices typically come in two parts both powered by batteries. The 1st part is a sender unit that is attached to one of the cables leaving your electricity meter and it measures the power being employed by all of the electric devices in your house and sends the results to a receiver unit. The second part is a receiver unit that is mounted in an outstanding position in your home where it can be easily viewed.

It has a large LCD display which shows in Kilowatts how much electricity you are using right now. After a couple of weeks of normal usage you'll get an understanding of what's the standard base rate of power you are using on a typical day. For my home it’s about 0.3 – 0.6 KW. If on passing the unit I see a reading of 2 Kilowatts or even more I know something that is drawing lots of power has been left switched on. Frequently it seems the oven or microwave is the culprit and as it’s my dinner that is being cooked it can be ignored.

Occasionally though it turns out something has been left switched on by mistake and more frequently than not it is the water heater. Now a hot water heater will draw 2 KW of power plus and leaving it on when it is not required could be a costly business and it’s this type of pointless usage the electricity monitor can help you save.

Standby Energy Savers. These devices can be purchased for about $30 and are a great way to save electricity. Most electrical devices have a standby mode that appears to switch the device off. The reality though is that standby mode for a TV for example can use up to seventy pc or more of the TV’s normal power consumption!

This is pricey as these items are frequently left at the ready 24 hours a day. An energy saver works by sitting between the mains plug and the offending machine. When you wish to power off the device you simply click on a button on a supplied radio control and the power is actually cut off. These devices are fantastic for equipment which has the electric socket in a position where it is impossible to get at to physically switch it off fit the device and the remote control does the rest. This can also be terribly reassuring when leaving the house for one or two days you know for sure that your electronic equipment is disconnected from the mains.

Each of the above devices have a cost up front that many aren't prepared to pay but when you consider the upward trend in energy costs is up just imagine the long term savings you might make by fitting these cheap devices.

Reducing the amount of electricity you use at home has never been more important than today. With electricity prices rising faster than inflation it’s time to take a look at some innovative ways to reduce your current Energy Consumption including switching to a cheaper supplier like the Utility Warehouse.