Are Wind Turbines Really Safe?

March 16, 2012 by Ruth Price  
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In case you haven’t read about wind energy created via turbines, here is a brief description. A traditional wind turbine is a large tower that has blades hooked up to a rotor. Whenever the wind blows the wind turbine the blades make the rotor whirl and the movement of the rotor makes the generator within the turbine crank out power. The generator is really nothing more than a large motor-like device composed of magnets and copper cables; the blades catch the wind, turn the rotor and generated electricity, pretty simple actually.

Wind turbines, as the name suggests, necessitates wind to work. The normal height for wind turbines is actually 30 meters, which enables them to utilize the more powerful winds occurring at that height. The objective of getting more of the wind is to create more electricity with the turbines. Of course it goes without saying that without enough wind, no power will be generated. Historical weather info is carefully analyzed to select sites that will provide fairly continual winds for the wind turbines. Many wind farms, therefore, are situated along coastlines where it is typically very windy.

Unlike various other alternative energy methods, wind power systems will consistently work 24 hours per day, providing that there is wind. In areas that experience many hours of darkness during some seasons, turbines may be a better green solution as compared to solar panels.

When properly designed and deployed, wind turbines can generate significant power that can be used for domestic or commercial/utility-type applications. Never-the-less, there is a high initial investment, which will require several years to recover; therefore developing wind turbine projects requires a long-term perspective. Another long run benefit wind projects offer is that you are harvesting energy from a continuously renewing source. Thus energy is produced by the turbines most of the time.

There are several issues associated with wind power projects that need to be understood at the outset. The first issue pertains to the fact that the wind can also switch its direction. The designers were very clever and constructed the turbines so that the rotor turns toward the wind, enabling them to catch the wind from any direction. Most modern turbines can create a lot of power that can be used for domestic or industrial applications. Provisions must be made for those days without wind, however. As a result of the high start-up investment costs usually taking many years to recover, wind turbine projects require investors are in it for the long haul.

While wind farms have great potential for humans, they can be dangerous to birds and bats. The reason stated for bats flying into wind turbines is that the movement in the air disrupts their capability to detect obstacles with their internal sonar systems. While these occurrences are rarely reported they do happen.

Thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of wind turbines, they currently have a lot going in their favor. Wind turbines offer great promise for generating renewable and safe energy, even with couple of possible downsides.

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Solar Power For Homes : A Look At The Pros And Cons

March 4, 2012 by Mark Walters  
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Using solar power for your home offers a great alternative energy source. You capture energy from the sun in a natural fashion and use that energy in your home. Solar energy is converted by installing solar panels on your roof. The names associated with this include photovoltaic, but if you are heating just water in your home it is referred to as a solar thermal system. One of the main advantages to using solar power for homes is that your energy bills are lowered. Not only that but the maintenance required after you have installed the solar panels is little to none, making them easy to have. When they work they don’t make any noise and are not a visible eyesore on the exterior of your home. Possibly the best advantage to solar power though is that you do not contribute to greenhouse gases when you use electricity in your home.

The worst disadvantage to solar power for homes is that it relies upon the sun and if the sun is not present, particularly challenging for those people living in place that have long, dark winters, then there can be no conversion of energy. This can be slightly rectified by capturing more than enough energy during peak sunlight hours and saving it for later. Also, not every item in your home will run on solar energy and as such, you need to verify how many products in your home will still require the use of your regular electricity. The costs are quite high for solar panel installation as well.

It is simple to understand which amount of energy is captured if you know how solar power for homes works. If your home is located in an area prone to drier temperatures and exposed to constant levels of sunlight, then solar power for homes is more suited for your home, assuming that your home can maintain solar panels.

Residential solar energy has an average capacity to capture 3.6kW of energy, which is about the average amount used in American homes annually. The cost of installing solar energy systems ranges from fifteen thousand dollars to upwards of fifty thousand dollars. However, many state governments offer rebate incentives and many solar companies do the same, thus qualifying the range of cost for solar energy systems.

Some residential solar energy systems are grid-tied which means that they work in conjunction with the local power company. In this case, if you have solar panels large enough to capture and convert more energy than you are actually using, your local power company can pay you for the extra energy that you have captured, and distribute it throughout your neighborhood. If your solar energy system is off-grid, then it functions on its own and is not connected to any other meters or local power companies.

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Reduce Electricity Bill by Home Made Energy

March 1, 2012 by Bryan Adam  
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We all have heard about home made energy. It is a very cheap and eco friendly way to create energy at your home. The materials you would require in installing these types of energy would be easily available in all the shops. You really do not need to spend thousands of dollars on commercial energy if you yourself create the energy through solar panels, windmills etc.

The most important benefit of this home made energy is that it does not emit extra carbon from your home like the commercial energy system does. People who are preserves and love the environment are the ones who mostly use this energy. It reduces their electricity bill as well as it is considered cheaper.

In winters you can use the heat of sun instead of using electric heaters and same is the case in summers where there are several ways to keep your home cool without using air conditioners. Many of the people who do not want to install home made energy system at their home buy the energy from the plants that produce this energy.

In this way, they get clean source of energy without even installing a system of this energy at their home. The most common way of creating home made energy is solar panel. Solar panels absorb the energy from the sun and produce electricity. Many hotels use these solar panels as a means of electricity. They place these panels at the top of the building where they could directly get sun’s rays and help us reducing electricity.

By this way they save a lot of money they had to spend in commercial energy system. The main source of solar panels energy is the sun. It might not work on the days when the sun does not come, especially at the time of rain.

Adam Smith has been energy writer for the past 10 years. He’s also an accredited researcher on the subject for leading research institutes in the US.Bill Ford’s homemade energy , however, is probably the only DIY project that I did right from the start up to the finish line.homemade energy saves you as much as $1000 per year on your electricity bill.


Components of a Household Photo Voltaic Energy System.

February 21, 2012 by Lisa Bearsley  
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A Residential solar power system consists of four components : photovoltaic panels, charging controller, battery pack and an inverter. The photovoltaic panels convert sun light into electrical energy. The electricity is sent in direction of the charging controller who keeps the battery pack fully charged, but not more than charged. The battery pack sends the electrical power towards the inverter who converts the DC voltage to household AC at 120 volts and 60 hertz.

Photovoltaic panel

The output of your photo voltaic panel is stated in watts. The wattage is stated is usually for peak solar various hrs. Considering that the amount of solar light varies through the course of your day, to level out the variations the peak sun a number of a long time has been adopted by most manufactures to assist installers and customer’s compare various photo voltaic panel models.

Suppose a photo voltaic panel is rated for 100 watts and an average of six peak sun various several hours is obtainable per day. Then the photograph voltaic panel would produce 100 watts * 6 peak various hours = 600 watt various several hours of electrical power or 0.6 kilo watt various a long time (KWh)

Charging controller

Charging controller or charge regulator controls the charging from the battery pack. It continually monitors the battery pack’s charge state. If the batteries are low, it will send electricity from your solar panels towards the batteries. It also prevents more than charging through the

battery pack.

Do not permit someone to convince you that a charging controller isn’t actually needed. Directly connecting the photovoltaic panels towards the battery pack can permanently damage the electric batteries and possibly trigger them to explode.

Battery pack

The battery pack’s purpose is always to store electrical electrical power generated by the photo voltaic panels all through the day after which at night or all through very cloudy days provide electric energy in direction of the inverter.

The battery pack normally consists of lead acid electrical batteries. Lead acid batteries are comparatively inexpensive and readily obtainable. There are lots of distinct kinds, sizes and capacities of batteries obtainable. Essentially the most well-known are gel cell and AGM deep cycle electrical batteries merely due to the fact they are maintenance free and last an incredible deal longer than wet cell lead acid electrical batteries.

Probably the most essential issue to bear in mind about the batteries is that the require to become deep cycle. Deep cycle batteries are created to turn into discharged then recharged hundreds if not thousands of times. A deep cycle battery is made to discharged to practically empty, but not totally and then be slowly recharged far more than time. A frequent mistake for residence owners is usually to believe that they can use automotive electric batteries instead of deep cycle batteries. Car batteries are shallow cycle electric batteries. They’re made to discharge an incredible deal of current rapidly soon after which be instantly recharged.


An inverter converts the DC electric electrical power stored in the battery pack into household 120V AC. Almost everything in your residence is powered by 120V electrical energy. Things like table lamps, freezer, lights, motors, dishwasher, and so on.

Now you have a fundamental understanding of photograph voltaic electrical power how it functions to electrical power your house. Now you have sufficient details about how photo voltaic vitality functions to determine if it’s a technology that you would wish to invest in for your house.

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How To Make A Solar Panel Advice – Harness The Energy Of The Sun And Save The Planet

February 6, 2012 by Aggie Montana  
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When planning how to make a solar panel advice, it is important to be aware of a few things. For instance, most solar contain cells that individually collect light in a range of 400 to 700 nanometers, although the longer the wavelength, the lower the volts that will be produced. What actually happens is that the radiation from the sun provides energy that kicks off electrons from the surface of a given metal. The electrons flow, and generate current.

The location of the home made sunlight gathering device should satisfy the requirement that it should be exposed to as much as possible. The stronger the sunlight, the bigger the current will be.

A quick calculation can help to decide how many individual photovoltaic components should be installed. First the required power output should be known. The calculation involves dividing the electrical use expected (in watt-hours in a given day), by the hours for which the Photovoltaic apparatus will supply the rated output.

The outer frame can be plywood that is treated with a UV resistant varnish. It should also have been carefully cut to size the number individual components are to be grouped together has been established.

Suitable types of cells to use would be Copper Indium diSelenide, with tags attached. The individual units must be connected in series, negative to positive, using the tabs. The individual voltages will accumulate to provide the ultimate voltage needed.

After the wiring to the cells is soldered on and they are glued securely to the holding frame, the whole structure should be sealed up tightly with glass or plastic to prevent moisture from entering.

Finding out how to make a solar panel advice is easy because there is a lot of information easily accessed. This is a worthwhile project that will keep the pennies in the pocket and help to preserve the environment.

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Conserving The Globe: Why Buy Solar Products From Solar Systems USA Vs Other Online Stores

February 5, 2012 by Nathan Thompson  
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With almost obvious evidence of global climate change occurring throughout the world and with heightened awareness around the need to prevent the rapid depletion of the world’s natural non-renewable energy sources, more home owners and organizations are supporting the transition from conventional power sources, towards the use of renewable energy within their homes or workplaces. Many may wonder: Why buy solar products from Solar Systems USA vs other online stores? This article will investigate this question.

In answering this question, it is helpful to come to an understanding of how using renewable energy can become a worthy replacement of the conventional power supply means and why it reaps positive rewards. By accessing the sun’s energy, the world taps into an never ending power source, although at present, only a small amount of its power is being made use of in a sustainable way.

Statistics demonstrate that the sun produces the same amount of energy in about sixty minutes, that the global society uses in a whole year. Where the energy is not being harnessed by panels or grids and products of the sort, this energy is simply being integrated back into the land mass. Even the current non-renewable resources the world has become reliant upon, cannot match the energy of the sun.

There is an ever-increasing global concern around climate change and many simply cannot ignore the need to move towards more sustainable living. Furthermore, using these non-renewable energy sources is affordable, and saves money in the long run, and is also more reliable.

Solar Systems USA (SSUSA) is a renewable energy systems integrator, and is part of the many companies mushrooming around the globe in this industry. However, SSUSA, being avid, “Green fanatics”, have a particular mission statement as its positive foundation. It strives to educate the global community about the benefits of using renewable energy and how to implement its usage in ways which promote sustainability and the overall conservation of the planet.

Using a number of different mediums to provide education around these issues, SSUSA conveys its message to the household and commercial sectors, assisting them in their transition. Their dynamic product, the “SymHome Energy Management System”, assists users with making suitable decisions.

The product itself is designed to monitor the power usage of each power-line within the home, identify the total consumption and how it is being distributed and then to make an informed decision on which renewable energy source or method is most suitable for the particular environment and lifestyle. This way, users have an accurate picture of what their needs are before choosing a product.

Much discussion has been sparked around the commercial gain of companies in this industry, and many stress the significance of using companies which share the same sentiments around global awareness and the need to maintain the earth’s natural resources and live sustainably. For this reason, the overall vision and mission of SSUSA, which is aligned with conservation, education and saving the plant, provides the answer to the question: Why buy solar products from Solar Systems USA vs other online stores?

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What You Must Know Before Generating Photo Voltaic Electrical Power.

January 15, 2012 by Lisa Bearsley  
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In the past 10 years, switching to house photo voltaic power has become more and more popular and cost-effective. Having said that, it can nevertheless be out of reach for your average home owner who’s money strapped, especially in this tough economic atmosphere. What’s a would-be energy conservationist on a price range supposed to do?

Currently, the federal government is offering upwards of $4,000, and ever a lot more, in tax credits in an effort to promote renewable electricity use inside house by means of the Vitality Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 (I’m no tax specialist so make positive to consult somebody who’s before applying for this credit) If this isn’t enough of an incentive to get you to make the change to household pv electrical energy, than I do not know what is.

You’d love to take advantage of this good tax credit deal, right? Who wouldn’t? Not only that, but perhaps your factors for switching to solar electrical power are nobler, and you are just looking to assist out the environment. Whatever your reasons, and as much as you need to create the switch, you simply do not have the money to install a property photovoltaic electrical energy process in the initial place.

Given that most top quality sun panel techniques can run in the thousands of bucks, it’s understandable that they can be out of attain to the common homeowner. What if there was a method to be able to assemble your own property pv power technique for a fraction of the cost, and it could be modular so you could scale it up to suit your needs, would you be interested?

You really CAN assemble your personal set of property solar power panels for around $200 apiece, and you can do it with parts it is possible to get at your local home improvement store. It is possible to even create as numerous of these units when you require to eliminate your electric bill for great.

Do you only want sufficient sun electricity to run everyday appliances like your TV, VCR, DVD player, pc, coffee maker, etc., or do you need ample solar panels to electrical power your entire property? The choice is yours, and it is possible to construct as many as you wish, until you happen to be fully away the grid.

Some thing else to take into account ahead of constructing your solar power panels are the three varieties of techniques.. The very first sort is often a grid-tied system. In this one, your solar power systems are tied into your present electrical power meter. This indicates that you simply will use electricity both from your solar panel systems as well as from electrical corporation. This is actually a excellent option to start off with if you happen to be not able to go totally away the grid, or if you are on a tight spending budget.

The second kind can be a grid-tied process with battery backup. Just because the name implies, it’s similar to the initially in that your solar panel systems are tied for the grid, but you also keep electricity within the batteries for emergencies. The excess is still sent back for the electric organizations through your meter. The final form is actually a stand-alone technique. This one also incorporates a battery backup for electricity storage. The distinction between this 1 along with the previous two is that you just are fully cut off from the electrical organizations. With this a single, you’re genuinely living away from the grid, and saving tons of money executing so.

You’ve the choice of what type of system you can create. You don’t even have to stick to one. When you develop into increasingly more comfortable building your individual solar power systems, it is possible to get towards the point where your home photo voltaic electrical energy process is fully stand-alone, and for a lot less then it would expense if you bought a commercial sun panel system.

Once you educate your self on providing your property with photo voltaic electrical energy, you are most likely ready to begin. You can do it together with the right method that permits you to save 1000′s of dollars by creating your own personal solar power panels. And, do not forget the great example you’ll be setting on your family and friends, as well as the pride you’ll feel, as you reduce you carbon footprint.

Don’t purchase commercial solar power systems that can cost you thousands of bucks. Instead, assemble your own personal, modular property photovoltaic electrical energy program at a fraction from the price tag. Create as quite a few solar panel systems as you would like. Live fully off the grid if you desire. The decision is yours.

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The Reasons That Vacationers Prefer RV Solar Panels

January 7, 2012 by Aggie Montana  
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A lot of people might already be well aware of the very simple fact that traveling any distance within a large recreational vehicle can be quite the rewarding experience. Some people do not factor in the costs of energy consumption when they make investments in these vehicles however. One thing to keep in mind is the costs that can be cut by utilizing RV solar panels.

More and more people who are approaching the proper age for retirement are beginning to make very large investments in recreational type vehicles. Such a device will allow these people to visit various vacation spots throughout the year and experience a level of comfort as well as luxury while they travel. There are so many of these people that like the idea of not having to buy different hotel rooms each trip as well.

While understanding that the RV is a very luxurious way to travel, one must also acknowledge that there are a great deal of appliances that need an energy source to run them. Investing in a generator is a very bad idea since we all know that gas is so very expensive as it is. This is where solar technology comes in handy and we’re going to review some of the appliances that could benefit form it.

A lot of the older model RVs from yesteryear make use of some type of gas based cooking range. A lot of the more modern models will be equipped with an electronic cooking range. Not only is this type of stove safer but more effective as well. Since the range could be used for up to three meals a day, it could require a great amount of energy that would easily add up in cost.

The higher level of recreational vehicle will typically have a small bathroom that offers some kind of shower to the owners. Taking an early morning shower that consists entirely of cold water is not something that many people enjoy and because of this there is typically some type of electric water heater that is used to heat the water that the vehicle uses.

The act of traveling in any type of vehicle (even a luxury one) can sometimes be quite boring indeed. This is why a lot of vehicle owners prefer to install televisions, disc based movie devices and maybe even a personal computer within their unit. All of these have been known to consume large levels of power and this means that they could be very costly to run of electricity alone.

It should now be very obvious that these luxury vehicles utilize a great deal of devices that consume large levels of energy and this is a really great reason for a person to upgrade their vehicle through RV solar panels. People must always remember that a secondary source of energy is required to operate smoothly as the sun is not always in energy providing condition.

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Sharing Some Cost Comparison “Online VS Contractor” Information That Everybody Can Understand

January 2, 2012 by Nathan Thompson  
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The goal of this article will be to provide all readers with Solar Panel Cost Comparison “Online VS Contractor”. This is because many people want to make the upgrade yet they are unsure over how to have such things done the proper way while still saving money.

There are still people in the world of today that are not able to understand why these type of upgrades have become so very popular. First of all they manage to save homeowners a bundle of money on their power bill. A lot of people like this technology for a completely different reason that has nothing to do with saving money. These people like such technologies because they are green.

A lot of people only consider that this type of upgrade can only be made within the wiring of a home. While such things are very common it is also important to remember that some people are also using this type of technology on their boats and recreational vehicles. These type of areas might be fertile grounds for testing the type of technology out. A lot of people are doing this.

There are some people that are going to say that a contractor is really the only option if such a thing is to be done right. Some of these people don’t know anything at all about carpentry, while others are just plain lazy. Contractors are going to require the additional price of labor (which is often per hour). A lot of these companies are not the most honest when it comes to charging for materials as well.

Contractors are alright for people that have a great deal of additional funds, however most people are going to want to do it themselves. These people can buy the parts on the net. Not only will they save money but there is typically going to be a representative from the product provider that gives the needed information.

Some people wonder how they should actually go about doing this type of installation. This is why the web is just filled with step by step websites, and some of these websites will even have videos for people to be able to watch. Never forget that most hardware stores sell special kinds of books that give homeowners all of the information that they need to perform such jobs by themselves.

While speaking of the hardware store, it is very important to mention that this is another important source for acquiring any type of contractor materials. Outlets such as the Home Depot have forever changed the way that these materials are sold. Some people do not think that these type of material can be ordered from such places but this is so very far from the actual truth.

It is now hoped that every reader will consider this to have been the ultimate Solar Panel Cost Comparison “Online VS Contractor”. This subject matter is very important because many people are actually paying more than they should for such upgrades by hiring contractors.

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Solar Energy Is Free Energy For Mankind

January 1, 2012 by Nathan Thompson  
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Every year, Earths atmosphere absorbs a total of 3,850,000 exajoules of sun heat. Solar energy is free energy people can utilize. About 174 petawatts of solar energy from the sun is received by our planet. 30% of the sun’s radiation is reflected back to space and the remaining 70% is absorbed by the clouds, land and other bodies of water.

The power that comes from the heat of the sun is very useful to people since the olden times. It does not cause any pollution and it does not require any fuel in order to be utilized. This solar energy is free energy.

The heat from sun that reaches our planet is twice as much as the amount of power that will be harnessed for a very long time from natural gas, coal and oil. Due to this advantage, modern solar technologies are presently being used to harness power. Some solar applications used nowadays are water heating, heating and cooling architectures, electricity production, cells powered satellites and for industrial purposes.

Passive sun heating is now commonly designed for a lot of buildings. Buildings are structured with large windows that are composed of materials that can absorb heat. The collected heat is then stored to the building’s wall and floors. When it is cold, the walls and floors give off heat. With this free source of power, building owners are able to save their money from paying electric bills.

Passive sun systems are also used by different power plants. Some have transferred from using fossil fuels into using sun heat. Sun power systems which include the parabolic-through, power tower and dish are used.

Parabolic-through collect power from the sun with the use of skewed U-shaped mirrors. These focus light and heat to the pipes that has oil in it. The oil then in turn heats the water which is used by the generators to produce electricity. The dish system and power tower system has sort of the same concept in electricity production.

Heat coming from the collector may also be used to cool a building. Like an air conditioner, cooling systems use sun heat as a source of power. Evaporative coolers also can make use of the sun for its power source.

Another beneficial use of sun energy is its use for water heating. People put glass panels in roofs to heat water. The water in pipes is pumped from the bottom which in turn causes the heated water to be pumped from the top.

And lastly, our everyday use of satellite TV, telephones, internet and navigation systems make use of sun as well. In order to run satellites that orbit our planet, sun cells are utilized as a natural source of power. Once again, we are using heat from the sun as our free source of power.

Solar energy is a free energy source of power. In the olden times and until now, we have used the sun to dry our clothes and even dry our food. However, only a small amount of this unlimited natural resource is used. But with mankind’s development of new technologies, we are able to fully make use of this resource. And we are all enjoying this for free.

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