What a Solar Battery Maintainer Can Do For You

October 24, 2011 by Eric Hilton  
Filed under Outdoors

Solar battery maintainers are a fantastic tool to have at your disposal if your the type of person who wants to cut expenses and be kind to the environment.

Solar battery maintainers and trickle chargers resemble larger versions of the photovoltaic cells used to run calculators-which is a fair description of what they are. They convert the sun’s rays directly into electricity at low electric power (generally from 1.8 to 6 watts) which makes them useful gizmos for countering the slow loss of charge that is part and parcel of every battery, particularly ones-car batteries for example-that are designed to be recharged .

Most people use a solar battery maintainer to make sure that they will be able to start the engine of a vehicle that is in disuse for a period of time. A common example is that of an RV that is kept in storage for most of the year. The battery would go flat if it weren’t kept topped up by one means or another. They are also useful for keeping the charge on the battery of a vehicle or device that at times isn’t run for a long enough time for the alternator to recharge the battery-in particular if the battery is a bit long in the tooth.

Solar battery maintainers are effective for any kind of lead-acid battery, whether it be an automotive starter battery or deep-cycle battery. Owing to the fact that lead-acid batteries are used in a wide variety of vehicles and crafts that may not necessarily always be near an electrical outlet, a device that can keep them charged up using only the sun’s shining rays can find a wide range of applications .

RVs and boat batteries are obvious choices for trickle charging as most people only use them seasonally, and sparingly at that. They also pose an additional challenge of how to keep the house batteries charged. A solar battery charger, mounted on top of a motor home for example, is the perfect solution.

But it’s not only the vehicles and crafts you use to explore the great outdoors whose batteries could need maintaining. What about the truck or motorcycle that you don’t use everyday, or even your lawnmower?

Are you lucky enough to have a place away from the house (and electrical outlets) where you like to go and just hang out with the dog? If you had a solar battery maintainer and a deep-cycle battery it would be simple to set up a system to power a laptop or any other electrical device. Also, some people purchase a solar battery maintainer to be used as a power source for their kid’s science project.

As you can see from the limited for instances given here, a solar battery maintainer is a very convenient tool that can be used for much more than just maintaining the charge on your car battery.

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