Building Your Own Solar Power Panels

January 17, 2012 by Jared Sanders  
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There’s no good news to be found in our current difficult economy or in the fact that our oil reserves are shrinking every day. To help reduce the usage of fossil fuels, we can investigate using alternative energy.

Using homemade solar panels as a clean source of energy is more economical, for example. Solar panels that use batteries with deep cell storage can help lower dependence on the energy grid.

Using only light wavelengths with photovoltaic cells produce electricity. Sunlight exposure in low or moderate temperatures is all that is required for the panels to function. In spite of the widespread availability of them, there are a large proportion of people that would rather build something on their own to serve this purpose. There are many resources available for those who want to cut the electric bill.

Everything you need to make the solar panels can come in kits which would mean you find flux, solar cells and a soldering iron among other things. Also, there are detailed building instructions showing you how to completely create them with your bare hands, causing them to be super easy to put together and requiring no special talent. The necessary support for building panels is provided by the step-by-step directions. You can consult web forums for the chance to clarify on any possible issues you may encounter during solar panel construction.

To everyone’s advantage homemade solar panels are environment friendly and “green”, this is why the energy that they produce is often referred to as “green energy”. Smog and other hazardous emissions are avoided by the use of home solar panels.

And if the first installation of homemade panels is not sufficient, it’s always possible for you to put in some more. People who use green energy or solar panels are eligible for tax reductions in some states. Every state has different tax laws and deductions, reach out to a local tax expert to learn what is available in your area.

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Utilizing Solar Power Systems at Home

January 6, 2012 by Jared Sanders  
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The benefits of green energy can be advantageous to both home owners and businesses alike. Since it can be used in all electrical applications, solar power is looked to as the solution of the future.

The aim of some governments is to see that everyone is aware of solar power and that all homes will use them. You can count on these solar power systems, which are also known as residential systems, to cover the electrical energy needs of your entire place and even that of your heating needs. Smaller variants exist for those who want a portable way to use solar power, meanwhile larger structures are know as wafer plants.

Also, accessories can be added to improve performance of your solar panels. For example, dependent on weather conditions in your area, you can use a tracker that lets the panels rotate as the sun moves. That means that these solar panels can be soaking in light from the sun for most of the day. You can install a pool heating system as well, if you need to.

A recent construction trend is to build the panels into the roof. The newest models of solar paneling systems can generate more electrical energy with the same portion of sunlight and less solar panel space. You no longer have to contend with plain and bulky solar panels. As an example, some modern ones are designed so that they seem to be the same as the shingles already on your roof.

Is some states, such as New Jersey or New York, there are government rebates that cover 70% of the installation costs of renewable energy systems. Do your homework by looking online prior to deciding about whether to install solar panels. In this manner, you can get the best solution. Solar panels will lower your electric bill without a lose of power usage. You will be doing your part by going green.

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Solar Energy Revealed

January 3, 2012 by Jared Sanders  
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Solar energy utilizes the radiant energy that comes from the sun, therefore this is a form of renewable energy. This is achieved through the conversion of the sun’s rays into electrical power by using solar cells.

Charles Fritts invented solar cells, also known as photovoltaics, in the 1880′s. They started a continuing revolution, even though they were unable to convert to a lot of electricity. The solar panels on the Vanguard 1 satellite, is a great example.

A great demand for solar power happened during the 1973 oil crisis. Early on, customers used to pay the power companies a hundred dollars for each watt. It fell to a mere seven dollars per watt during the 1980s.

United States use of solar energy is declining, while its on the rise in countries such as Germany and Japan. From 31.2 megawatts in 1999, up to 318 megawatts by 1999, world wide production growth of 30%. South Korea, Italy, and France are just behind Spain, which is third largest solar power user behind these two nations.

A trio of fundamental approaches exist for maximizing solar energy use. To be precise, these are comprised of passive, active, plus solar-based photovoltaic methods.

In a passive system the building design will have much to do with the efficiency. People inside the building will stay comfortable, due to the building being able to avoid heat loss, as well as the help from the day lighting and controlled ventilation. With just a minimal cost, reductions of up to 80% can be seen in home choose to apply this.

Space and water heating by using converted sunlight is active solar heating. Up to 60% of your water heating can be covered by the correct size, it is done in Europe extensively.

Finally, you have photovoltaic, which makes electricity by converting solar radiation. You install solar cells into the ground, and the higher the light intensity, the higher flow of electricity. The different sizes allow for use in consumer devises.

The power used for some vehicles has been converted to solar. Competitors from all around the world, as well as cars not yet commercially produced, are invited to compete in the World Solar Challenge, an annual event in Australia. Also there are unmanned aerial vehicles as well as balloons. To date, the only success in solar energy has been in passenger boats.

If we want to preserve the environment, as well as reduce our need for oil, solar energy is an option. Our elected officials need to be convinced to do more about solar power, because of it being the cheapest way to provide our homes with electricity.

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How Does Solar Technology Work?

December 29, 2011 by Jared Sanders  
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Do you wonder how we actually get electricity from solar energy? This article will allow you to begin to see how it works. A flat surface is needed for the first step of installing the solar panels. Activation of the converters or photo-voltaics within these panels (which are usually made from the popular semi-conductor silicone) will proceed to work by absorbing the solar rays from the sun.

Atoms are effected in such the way that the electrons come away from them which will be the way the electricity is produced. The process of conversion of light into electricity, is known as the photovoltaic effect.

The energy now is in the form of a direct electric current and this will be converted by means of an inverter into 120 voltage which is the AC voltage required in your home. By taking the power from the inverter and wiring it into the utility panel you will have your lights and other home appliances powered by the energy created from the solar panels.

If there is excess energy it’s stored in batteries. If you happen to be connected to the utility grid, excess electricity can be sold to it once the battery is full. If you run out of solar power, the electricity will then come through via your utility company.

The electrical flow rate is determined by means of a meter that spins forward and back. It goes in reverse when you are using less energy than you are making, and forward when you are using more power than you make. Net metering is selling surplus energy back.

The water heater power source in your home, is a smaller version of this. By this same process, people can transform light from the sun’s rays into enough energy to warm the water in their hot water heater.

So you see, the conversion of solar energy from sunlight is easy. Yet, why does the US lag behind nations like Japan and Germany in terms of its use? The answer is that this alternative energy for them is much cheaper to use than oil.

Solar cells are one way you can make the most from solar energy. Instead of this you can opt for the passive solar energy which is designed to keep the home warmer in winter or cooler in the summer. People in the southwest use this more than homeowners in other areas of the US, since they need less insulation.

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Assets Gained by Utilizing a Good Solar Energy System

December 21, 2011 by Jared Sanders  
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Everyone knows that solar energy is beneficial. However, solar power has yet to become mainstream, despite its advantages.

Over the long haul, solar power conserves on expenses. What it costs when you first install your solar energy system might be more than the other energy providing sources, but this cost will disappear over time as each month gets closer and closer to the solar panels paying for themselves and at the point that happens your cost for power is going to be nil. Of course, no one charges for sunlight. Depending on the amount of energy you use, your return on investment could be shorter. Photovoltaic cells last up to 20 years, so maintenance costs will be low. You don’t have to lubricate or do maintenance because there aren’t any mechanical parts, and there’s no need to replace anything regularly.

Solar generated power is an eco-friendly option. For starters, it is renewable unlike fossil fuels, which studies show will face complete depletion in four or five decades. The process of making electricity from solar energy does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, and lead emissions will be a thing of the past once everyone moves to solar energy. You can reduce global warming, by relying more on solar power.

Solar power will help limit energy industry hazards, such as, the use and transport of natural gas and oil. Kerosene and candles are still being used widely in underdeveloped countries, present health risks. The use of solar energy lowers or even eliminates risks like these.

In remote areas solar energy works well. Even the most remote communities can benefit from having solar panels installed since they shouldn’t require much if any maintenance once they’ve been installed. The benefits associated with the installation of these solar panels have been enjoyed by many communities in Asian countries for years.

Solar energy can help poor countries become less dependent on foreign oil. It is an independence that leaves the countries involved enhanced in such the way that they can develop unique and better energy policies that give more benefits back to their people. With this new freedom, countries can invest their national budgets on programs other than purchasing oil from other countries.

But there can be a few drawbacks to solar power, one of them being its price. However, as time goes on you will find that solar energy’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. Scientific advances have made solar power much more affordable.

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Just How Do Solar Panel Systems Work?

December 17, 2011 by Jared Sanders  
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Solar energy is gaining popularity with help from rebates and tax credits. So, how do solar panels work?

Solar power is about converting sunlight into electricity. It is important to note that this has nothing to do with the conversion heat into energy. This widespread myth causes plenty of confusion about solar panel set-ups.

Solar systems function through photovoltaic technology. The main thing happening here is that light from the sun is gathered and then processed to create a chemical release. While the reaction takes place, tiny wires collect the released electrons. With this process, a direct stream of electricity is generated. Batteries are used to store energy that is not sent into the utility grid.

To convert energy, this is the process that solar platforms use. Small squares, photovoltaic cells, make up the arrays. These cells form a panel, and a solar array is a collection of these panels. The size of the solar array you need will depend entirely on how much power you want to produce.

The conversion happens in a solar array of photovoltaic cells. These cells are made up with a glass cover over crystalline silicon. Reacting with sunlight causes the crystalline silicon to kick off electrons. The collection of electrons by tiny wires creates an electrical current.

The biggest issue surrounding solar platforms is how efficient they are at converting sunlight into electricity. The main question to ask yourself is; how much can I afford to spend? The best brands offer a conversion rate of around 15 percent. For less expensive models, conversion is at 5-10 percent. You will use less panels if they are more efficient.

Depending on fossil fuels will contribute to societal issues in the future. If you choose to incorporate solar energy into your home as an energy source you will be eligible for rebates and even sizable tax breaks and with the latest improvements of these systems meeting the mark of compactness and efficiency better than ever you will probably find that making use of solar power is the best solution for you.

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