What Makes a Good PA Electric Company

November 14, 2011 by Alexis Wright  
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PECO electric utility is unbiased and some would say agnostic about electric choice in Pennsylvania. The government of PA has broken up this large monopoly electric utility that primarily served the Philadelphia area. Now energy consumers can pick from multiple competitive electric providers in the state that offer cheaper electric rate plans compared to PECO.

Most of us in Philadelphia have decided to stay with PECO electric utility rather than shop electric companies like Spark Energy and Champion Energy. The residents of Philadelphia simply see the prospect of switching electric companies away from PECO as a hassle and the idea as foreign. PA residents simply do not have their questions adequately addressed as to what will change to make life more difficult for them if they choose to switch away from PECO electric company.

There has been a few notices that went out in the mail informing PECO electric utility customers that they can now choose an alternate electric company. Some competitive electricity suppliers competing against PECO have used this to persuade PECO energy customers to switch away. There have even been cases where the sales person has convinced the potential customer that they are PECO or were sent by PECO electric utility. This scam has helped some alternate energy suppliers to easily sign up new customers in the PECO footprint.

The main problem causing a headache for energy consumers in Pennsylvania are the misrepresentations made by some of the door to door sales guys hitting the streets. Many of these neighborhood canvas people will tell all kinds of half truths to get people to switch away from PECO Energy. When the customer gets their first months electric bill they feel as if they have been had. It is important that PA retail electric providers have some type of self policing and quality control to prevent the deregulation process from being tarnished.

In conclusion I would encourage Philadelphia energy consumers to not sign an energy contract with a door to door sales guy. It is worth listening to what they have to say but when they are finished talking go check out what they have told you on the internet. Read some government notices that have been published about PA electric deregulation and make an informed decision. Once you have a good grasp of electric deregulation and choice in PA go out to a comparison site and see what options are available in Pennsylvania on comparison websites.

PECO electric is the largest Pennsylvania electricity utility in the state. When comparing energy suppliers against PECO Electric it helps to review information on other electric providers and what has been said about them. You can learn more about electricity deregulation by reading these articles: Energy Articles