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December 30, 2011 by Bob Waze  
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One of the most dreaded days of the month is the day when you have to pay the bills. If there was only a way we could learn how to reduce these bills so there was a little more pay check left over at the end of the month.

Say good bye to those power bills! Or at least cut them down to size.

There are conventional ways of saving on your energy costs. Just don’t use as much heat or electricity. Turn down that thermostat. Turn off the lights when their not in use. If you leave a room, don’t leave the television set on. All of these precautions will help you to save money on electricity. You will need to get the family or roommates on board. This approach won’t work unless every one participates.

Replace those old and inefficient light bulbs with more efficient florescent lighting or CFL bulbs. They are not hot because they don’t use as much electricity and therefore are less expensive to use.

With the push for energy conservation, many companies are now manufacturing products that use less electricity than their older models. Make sure to research them out.

Try these ideas out as well. Your wallet will thank you.

- Can you put more clothes in that washing machine? If so, wait to do your laundry until you can. Don’t use hot water if you can use cold.

- It takes a lot of electricity run the air conditioner. Do you really need it on? Use it less if you can. Open the window and get a breeze coming it.

Is the monitor to the computer on? Are you using it? If not, turn it off.

These are all great ideas, but there is something else that is quite exciting that I would like to share with you. There is an easy and cost efficient way to start producing some or all of your electricity for your home. Reduce or even eliminate your power bills forever! As the demand for energy continues to increase and the supply of non-renewable resources continue to dwindle, living off the grid seems very appealing. The cost of power and energy is also going up.

No one would disagree not to waste electricity. These ideas covered in this article will help you to use it wisely. But I would also like you to consider manufacturing your own electricity through the use of solar and wind power. It’s not as hard as you think.

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How Does Solar Technology Work?

December 29, 2011 by Jared Sanders  
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Do you wonder how we actually get electricity from solar energy? This article will allow you to begin to see how it works. A flat surface is needed for the first step of installing the solar panels. Activation of the converters or photo-voltaics within these panels (which are usually made from the popular semi-conductor silicone) will proceed to work by absorbing the solar rays from the sun.

Atoms are effected in such the way that the electrons come away from them which will be the way the electricity is produced. The process of conversion of light into electricity, is known as the photovoltaic effect.

The energy now is in the form of a direct electric current and this will be converted by means of an inverter into 120 voltage which is the AC voltage required in your home. By taking the power from the inverter and wiring it into the utility panel you will have your lights and other home appliances powered by the energy created from the solar panels.

If there is excess energy it’s stored in batteries. If you happen to be connected to the utility grid, excess electricity can be sold to it once the battery is full. If you run out of solar power, the electricity will then come through via your utility company.

The electrical flow rate is determined by means of a meter that spins forward and back. It goes in reverse when you are using less energy than you are making, and forward when you are using more power than you make. Net metering is selling surplus energy back.

The water heater power source in your home, is a smaller version of this. By this same process, people can transform light from the sun’s rays into enough energy to warm the water in their hot water heater.

So you see, the conversion of solar energy from sunlight is easy. Yet, why does the US lag behind nations like Japan and Germany in terms of its use? The answer is that this alternative energy for them is much cheaper to use than oil.

Solar cells are one way you can make the most from solar energy. Instead of this you can opt for the passive solar energy which is designed to keep the home warmer in winter or cooler in the summer. People in the southwest use this more than homeowners in other areas of the US, since they need less insulation.

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Teach Yourself To Make Solar Panels

December 27, 2011 by Owen Jones  
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Many people are sick to death of the escalating cost of electricity, but they do not know what they can do about it. They have switched lights off; they have not turned lights on; they have unplugged devices on stand-by and they have turned the central heating down and the air con up and it has only saved them pennies. Yet still the electricity bills go up on a regular basis. It is very frustrating.

We have all heard of alternative and sustainable sources of energy, but the question is: how can average people implement these technologies into their own homes? One phone call to a professional solar power installation company will convince anyone that solar power is only for the well-off.

Likewise with wind power generation. A single device, which may or may not fulfill the electrical requirements of one standard household will cost in the region of $45,000 and it is thought that, if it meets expectations, that it will pay for itself after ten years time. $45,000 is too much money for most people, but having to wait ten years to realize that investment is too long for most individuals too.

So, at first glimpse, it looks like the average person is at the mercy of the oil companies and the electricity generators. However, it does not have to be like that. There are other ways of tackling the problem and extricating yourself from the clutches of energy providers. The first technique would be to buy the solar power units and install them yourself. That would save you a great deal, perhaps up to 50%. But you could go a stage further and make the solar panels yourself too, which would save you a great deal more money.

The fact is that the more of your own labour that you can put into the project, the more you will save, because the labour constituent in any task usually amounts to about 50% of the costs. We all know how expensive it is to call a plumber in to fix a leaking pipe or a roofer to replace a slate. $100 for a slate? $100 for a dribble of solder? No, it is the tradesman’s time and the same is true of solar panel fitters.

The way out is to learn how to make the solar power units and install them yourself. It is not difficult. Any teenager can learn how to do it and so can you. Take it from me, learning how to assemble and install solar panels is not difficult. Just try it and see for yourself. You will amaze yourself and your friends. You may even turn it into a business!

The thing to do is get a reliable kit or a plan from a trusted source. This could be a neighborhood hardware or hobbyist store or from a specialist website on the Internet. Once you have your plan, you can buy the components. They are commonplace and on hand in most DIY shops. Then it will take you about a day to construct a solar panel that will supply about 100 watts.

This may not sound like much, but it will power many kinds of small machines or two average light bulbs. The trick is to keep adding to your bank of solar panels until you are entirely free of the electricity grid or even selling electricity back into it.

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Assets Gained by Utilizing a Good Solar Energy System

December 21, 2011 by Jared Sanders  
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Everyone knows that solar energy is beneficial. However, solar power has yet to become mainstream, despite its advantages.

Over the long haul, solar power conserves on expenses. What it costs when you first install your solar energy system might be more than the other energy providing sources, but this cost will disappear over time as each month gets closer and closer to the solar panels paying for themselves and at the point that happens your cost for power is going to be nil. Of course, no one charges for sunlight. Depending on the amount of energy you use, your return on investment could be shorter. Photovoltaic cells last up to 20 years, so maintenance costs will be low. You don’t have to lubricate or do maintenance because there aren’t any mechanical parts, and there’s no need to replace anything regularly.

Solar generated power is an eco-friendly option. For starters, it is renewable unlike fossil fuels, which studies show will face complete depletion in four or five decades. The process of making electricity from solar energy does not release toxic chemicals into the environment. Carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury, and lead emissions will be a thing of the past once everyone moves to solar energy. You can reduce global warming, by relying more on solar power.

Solar power will help limit energy industry hazards, such as, the use and transport of natural gas and oil. Kerosene and candles are still being used widely in underdeveloped countries, present health risks. The use of solar energy lowers or even eliminates risks like these.

In remote areas solar energy works well. Even the most remote communities can benefit from having solar panels installed since they shouldn’t require much if any maintenance once they’ve been installed. The benefits associated with the installation of these solar panels have been enjoyed by many communities in Asian countries for years.

Solar energy can help poor countries become less dependent on foreign oil. It is an independence that leaves the countries involved enhanced in such the way that they can develop unique and better energy policies that give more benefits back to their people. With this new freedom, countries can invest their national budgets on programs other than purchasing oil from other countries.

But there can be a few drawbacks to solar power, one of them being its price. However, as time goes on you will find that solar energy’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. Scientific advances have made solar power much more affordable.

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Just How Do Solar Panel Systems Work?

December 17, 2011 by Jared Sanders  
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Solar energy is gaining popularity with help from rebates and tax credits. So, how do solar panels work?

Solar power is about converting sunlight into electricity. It is important to note that this has nothing to do with the conversion heat into energy. This widespread myth causes plenty of confusion about solar panel set-ups.

Solar systems function through photovoltaic technology. The main thing happening here is that light from the sun is gathered and then processed to create a chemical release. While the reaction takes place, tiny wires collect the released electrons. With this process, a direct stream of electricity is generated. Batteries are used to store energy that is not sent into the utility grid.

To convert energy, this is the process that solar platforms use. Small squares, photovoltaic cells, make up the arrays. These cells form a panel, and a solar array is a collection of these panels. The size of the solar array you need will depend entirely on how much power you want to produce.

The conversion happens in a solar array of photovoltaic cells. These cells are made up with a glass cover over crystalline silicon. Reacting with sunlight causes the crystalline silicon to kick off electrons. The collection of electrons by tiny wires creates an electrical current.

The biggest issue surrounding solar platforms is how efficient they are at converting sunlight into electricity. The main question to ask yourself is; how much can I afford to spend? The best brands offer a conversion rate of around 15 percent. For less expensive models, conversion is at 5-10 percent. You will use less panels if they are more efficient.

Depending on fossil fuels will contribute to societal issues in the future. If you choose to incorporate solar energy into your home as an energy source you will be eligible for rebates and even sizable tax breaks and with the latest improvements of these systems meeting the mark of compactness and efficiency better than ever you will probably find that making use of solar power is the best solution for you.

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Easy Wind Generator Plans: Constructing Your Own Turbine

December 16, 2011 by RJ Chrisarand  
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What electricity prices soaring, it’s extremely helpful to know just how to create green energy inexpensively. Here on this web page, you will learn how. Easy wind generator plans are the perfect first step in minimizing your carbon footprint, creating your own electricity. Michael, a man from British Columbia, creates his electricity using two turbines placed in his backyard, and as a result, he is able to generate enough electricity for his whole house. He is even able to sell it back to the power company. This is definitely a beneficial commodity.

The first part of any turbine is the rotor or propellers. This is the part of the device that moves, generating the electricity. On some homemade devices, it can even be a pinwheel. On other devices, it looks like a propeller or windmill. In any case, they are like fan blades that catch the wind, generating electricity.

A very important component of any turbine is a generator. This unit connects the rotor blades to a stand. Its main purpose, however, is to convert the kinetic energy taken from the outside wind and to convert it into electricity. These components are cylindrical shaped, and they even have a spot for the rotors to connect to. This part is connected to the house electric system with cables.

Another component of the turbine is the gearbox. This unit is placed between the main shaft and the turbine’s generator. It is used to increase or slow the rotational speed of the rotor blades. It makes the turbine more efficient, generating more electricity.

After the rotor, generator, and gearbox are fastened together, they need to be mounted onto a stand. The stand should be constructed in such a way that it is not completely stationary. Any good turbine will rotate to catch better windy weather. The base of the turbine should swivel, sort of like a good office chair. This will make it possible for the turbine to generate maximum amounts of electricity, no matter which direction the wind is blowing.

There is another essential part of a good turbine: the tail. This unit connects to the backside of the turbine, extending behind the rotor blades in generator. It sort of looks like a fan or maybe even a fin, like that of a mermaid, shark or whale. When air is pushed over the tail, it makes the turbine swivel, thus allowing the blades to faster rotate as it efficiently catches the best possible wind.

A great set of blueprints are completely necessary to be able to assemble a good-quality turbine. Plans such as these can be found all over the Internet, in varying degrees of quality. The best thing to do is to discover who has already made their own awesome turbines and have them help you. They know all the tricks of the trade, and can help you out with yours face-to-face, ensuring your success.

These are excellent components, and they are the way to creating your turbine. Easy wind generator plans, although an essential component, are the first thing you need to acquire. Being able to create and maintain inexpensive green energy feels wonderful, taking us one step toward eliminating the dreaded carbon footprint. This is not only one way to improve the world, but also to save you money!

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The Tesla Magic formula for Alternative Electrical energy – Exactly what Is It?

December 14, 2011 by Neri Bhiram  
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It is well-known knowledge that electricity costs a considerable amount of money. Having said that, most of us have no other course of action. All of us depend on electricity in our day-to-day lives. Since the utility companies know how important electricity is to us, they can charge us whatever they want. Luckily, an online program is available which will help you in getting unlimited amounts of electricity. You won’t be asked to invest in overpriced wind turbines or solar panels. At this point let’s check out this program which is called the Tesla Secret.

Perhaps you are knowledgable about Nikola Tesla, an inventor whom lived around the early 20th century. He actually created a method to get free electricity. However, his research was terminated after everyone assured him that it would not work. The Tesla Secret has formulated a guide to make a free electric generator that’s supposedly based on Nikola Tesla’s groundwork.

On their web site you can watch a video recording. It shows the procedure one individual follows as he builds a small scale version of this power generator. As soon as the generator was built, this particular individual was able to charge his cellular phone with it. Incredibly, he used nothing except this little generator. The small variation of the generator can be constructed at a cost of $2.00 though a full size generator costs almost $100 to construct.

Another advantage about this program is that it is climate proof. And thus you will be able to generate electricity if there is hardly any sun, if it is raining and even throughout the evening. This can help save a lot of money because you won’t need to buy expensive batteries like those you need with solar panels or wind turbines in order to store in excess electricity. You can expect to be saving thousands of dollars off the cost of what you might expect to invest in solar panels because this generator can be constructed for under $100.

Although the power generator is supposed to be easy to construct yourself, you may find it a little challenging if you’re not handy with tools and equipment. Never be afraid to ask a buddy for help if is true for you.

And for individuals who are skeptical about this type of money saving product, this is sold with a full 60-day money back guarantee. So you can get the system, build your own generator and if you’re not happy with it you simply ask for your money back. Thus you have nothing to stress about by trying it out. You will not even have to give them a reason for needing a refund. If you’re unsatisfied, you get a complete refund of your order.

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Easy Wind Generator Plans An Important Resource For Do-It-Yourselfers

December 12, 2011 by RJ Chrisarand  
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Easy wind generator plans are available from many sources these days. A quick online search reveals many alternative suppliers. They all help you build your own power source. This task may sound difficult, but it is not. The kits make it easy. Anyone can do it. You will have free energy for your house that will last for many years to come; a renewable power system you will be proud to show your friends. Air generation systems are generally faster and cheaper to build than solar power systems.

Some analysts think air is more use than solar as a renewable power source. However, the documents provide an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide. They incorporate hours and hours of careful research. Most plans lay out a three-phases. Phase one is build the generator. Phase two is erect the mounting tower. Phase three involves organizing the batteries. The documentation is comprehensive and gives all needed details.

For phase one, most plans provide a comprehensive glossary that defines the technical terms. They also list the required component parts and tools for the job. Useful web links are also included as part of the documentation.

For the second phase two, the kits lay out details for the mounting tower. Size, design, and materials are all covered. The kits also suggest sources where existing tower owners are located should they be seeking to sell their tower.

The final step integrates batteries into the system. This is a highly technical phase. Most plans include a battery reconditioning system that allows old batteries to be reconditioned for further use. This is an important money saving capability. The documents also describe wiring and how to charge controllers.

The power produced by air systems compares favorably with sun or solar systems on a cost basis. For example, a solar power system that produces 100 watts costs about the same as a 1,000 watt wind system. To put it another way, an air power system can be set up for about one-tenth the cost of a solar system.

Building a power system can be many times cheaper than buying pre-manufactured systems. Most people can building their own system at about a quarter of the cost of systems that are available for sale through retail distributors.

Safety is important and the plans detail configurations that are safe. They also look good. They usually require blades to be positioned up high well away from where family and visitors might walk or stand. Stainless steel is a common material because it is strong, long lasting and attractive.

In summary, get yourself some easy wind generator plans and do the environment and your family a favor. You can be saving money in no time. One important detail need when you build your wind generator is the prevailing wind speed and direction in your local area. This information is readily available online. National weather bureaus provide the data for free.

The utilization of a wind generator, green energy, solar power sources can lower your utility bills dramatically. Learn how to build and install these devices by checking out the website at soon.


Green Business for Real Green People

December 6, 2011 by Jean-Pierre Prieur  
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Over the last decade, many companies have been labeled as an environmental business. The number of companies attempting to go green has increased dramatically over the past few years. The factors which determine whether a company is green really means: are their products safe for the environment, do they recycle instead of wasting, use less electricity, and cut down on their water usage. The real question is can they truly be a real green business?

A truly green company will execute every business move in accordance with the rules that are infused in environmental conscientiousness. A business has to follow this Spartan rule of ethics as well if they plan on being considered a true green company. It’s not enough just to label your company’s products as environmentally safe. A company must have a positive impact, and have an active role in civic activities as well, to be an environmental business.

It cannot be argued that the Internet is a widespread communication tool that businesses can utilize to communicate to their shareholders about the company’s role in social responsibility. A corporate website gives a company the advantage of providing specific audiences targeted information in addition to receiving quick feedback, all at a low cost. As a specific audience for green communications, our job is to critically think about what it means to be a real green business in order to differentiate between the companies that are actually environmentally friendly and those that are simply masquerading as green. For example, although Dawn dish liquid lessened the impact of oil disasters, is the company that manufacturers Dawn, Procter & Gamble, a real green business?

Leap Adaptive is a great example of a company that utilizes their website to convey their environmental values. Leap Adaptive’s business model infuses their activities with a distinguishable environmental consciousness. This way of thinking puts Leap Adaptive a cut above the other big names in cleaning products.

It’s not secret that businesses can use the internet to inform shareholders about a company’s role in civic duty. The advantage that a corporate website holds is that it gives the company the opportunity to cheaply provide information to diverse audiences and can also provide an outlet for quick feedback that can serve to improve company policy. It is important to judge a company’s adherence to its role as a green company. Critics must be able to discern between the companies that are truly environmentally friendly and those that are simply hiding behind an image to boost sales.

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Best Green Energy DIY Home Projects

December 5, 2011 by William Pena  
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The consumption of fossil fuel is an exhaustive one since this is a non-renewable source of energy. But times are really changing and a good alternative green energy is needed now. There is also the increase in interest among people who would want to try their hands in developing energy sources that are not expensive, highly available and eco-friendly.

Along with this fact is the growing number of alternative green energy sources that can be established and run at home. Some of them can be installed quickly, while others are a bit complicated. Either way, these alternative sources work at reducing human dependence on fossil fuel.

Here are some of the best alternative green energy projects that are good to set up at home:

DIY Solar Power

You can search for information regarding solar energy systems on the net. This DIY project is not very difficult to assemble since the information you’ll need are highly available. The parts that you’ll need are also available in many hardware stores. If you also see this as a source of profit, you can use your know-how and that extra space in your home in order to provide this service to your community.

DIY Magnetic Generators

Magnetic generators are not just good for engineering or industrial purposes these days. Just recently, the assembly parts were introduced to the public and it is noticeable that the construction is quite complicated. This is quite an interesting project that you can work on because you’ll see the technology of generating energy without any external element.

DIY Wind Power

It is the simplest and easiest alternative green energy project that you can work on. If you live in a region where wind is part of your daily life, then this is a great way to utilize those free energy sources. The only concern you’ll deal with is the unpredictability of the wind.

DIY Bio Fuel

Bio fuel is quite beneficial since this form of energy is derived from resources that should have gone to waste. But if you live in an urban community, this project may not be suitable for you.

You can try your hands on any of the alternative green energy projects. You’ll need to invest at the on-set and you will surely reap the benefits from your DIY project that can be applied to your home.

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