The Green Party: For Individuals Who Safeguard The Environment

March 5, 2012 by Vanessa Summer  
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There has actually been a two-party system of national politics in the United States for quite a while. But there are in fact several others that do not get much attention, such as the Green Party. As men and women become more concerned about the environment, the Green Party has been gaining in popularity. The Green Party is a political belief, which tries to achieve its goals of environmental and environmentally friendly issues, through judgements made by grassroots participation. Their objectives as an advocate also include social and civil liberties, and non-violence and peace.

The Green Party’s four pillars are actually based upon age-old concepts. Their very first pillar is that ecology is way more than selecting paper or plastic. It truly is an issue that calls for the world to turn into a global community. Next, they hope to stamp out all forms of discrimination, such as racial, class, gender, and also culture. The subsequent pillar is the idea of a non-centralized government where power comes from the individual and the localized communities. Last, the Green Party believes in using non-violence as a method of living, not resorting to violence in coping with opponents.

Their belief system arises from Early Americans, like the Quakers, and from leaders including Gandhi. The Green Party’s movement intends to be good collaborators for the rest of the world and to cooperate with groups with differing values. Several Christians in America have techniques to deal with people whom beliefs they reject. Many democratic nations around the world have a form of Green Party already active in their own system. A lot of countries, like Norway, South Africa and also Canada, have all have Green Parties.

Yet in the United States, the Green Party has had some difficulties making their mark inside the political system. The majority of people who detest other groups of people live in the United States. These folks have absolutely 0 % tolerance for people with beliefs, religions and races that are different from theirs. It really doesn’t seem possible that we can have world peacefulness if all the evil and hateful individuals are all in the United States Of America. However, the Green Party has a robust belief in non-violence for all problems, so no matter what happens, we would never go to war.

The platform of the Green Party is definitely based on a dream to have the United States build its culture on a eco-social level. Each and every level of the Green Party is dependable and has input distinct from the two other primary parties. Every individual should have a say in their life, rather than the deals made by power-brokers. The Green Party platform is a file that is always changing, like a living-work-in-progress. The Green Party has a very good foundation on democratic principles and values the importance to positive change. They possess a value-based political process portrayed in their Ten Key Values. These values are a necessary guideline to counter a system that honors exploitation, and destructive competition, in addition to consumption, bordering on waste.

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