Fundamentals When You Desire To Learn How To Make Bio Diesel

January 4, 2012 by Vic Garland  
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Although the idea of bio diesel is not a new concept, it has gained a huge following recently. Actually bio diesel is as old as the diesel engine since the first compression-ignition engine was developed with peanut oil. This is an vital consideration when one wants to learn how to make bio diesel.

Bio diesel can therefore be described as a non-petroleum-based fuel produced from vegetable and animal fat. Although the fuel can be used alone, it cans also be blended with ordinary diesel to fire a diesel engine. This makes it a great option especially considering the increasing prices of fossil fuels.

Since the production process is quite easy, it makes it possible for one to learn from different sources. Considering the production materials, there is a very wide variety used in producing the diesel ranging from rapeseed, soybean oil and other feedstock. In some cases, it is also possible to extract the diesel from used vegetable oils from hotels. Animal fats such as chicken fat, tallow are also other viable sources. Apart from these oils, the diesel can also be extracted from algae although this is not feasible for commercial production.

The first step when you want to learn the art of making bio diesel is identifying the source oil. This is because the process varies slightly with different materials. Some of the materials will also necessitate the acquisition of special equipment like a bio diesel processor. Some of the cases however do not require such equipment like in the case of making the diesel from used cooking oil with methanol and sodium hydroxide. This method however, does not produce large amounts.

Once you have established the source the next step is usually testing it for properties such as water content and acidity. This is usually important as it helps determine the state of your end product. The level of acidity and water determine whether the resultant bio diesel will be perfect.

The best sources should be the ones providing relatively low acidic and dry oil as it makes the process much simpler. This means you need to learn how to test for water either by using the heating method or by using a water testing kit. The acidity is tested through titration where the oil is added to pH neutral alcohol.

Another major step when making bio diesel is filtration. This is done when using used vegetable oil and helps remove food particles and any other contaminants. Filtering is done mostly with drum filters which are very effective. You should learn about micron rating as it will help you select the most effective filter. The smaller the rating number, the smaller the holes in the filter will be.

Before you can embark of full production of bio diesel a test batch is very important. You should therefore learn how to make this using items obtained from the local grocery stores. You will also need to obtain the actual production equipment. Some of the equipments needed include oil collection containers, oil transfer and filtering capability, a bio diesel processor and bio diesel washing vessel. You also require storage containers, transfer pumps and a titration kit.

The intended production capacity will be one of the main determinants of the equipment you acquire. With these you should be prepared to learn how to make bio diesel.

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Construct Your Own Private Sustainable Energy & Provide Power At Home

October 18, 2011 by Vic Garland  
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Would you like to know how to create a magnetic energy generator? Probably, you along with countless energy users all around the world who recognize the cost of monthly electricity puts a sizable dent on the household finances.

Why develop a generator? To create a generator for your home is a very satisfying task. It is not only a fun and easy project, but the advantages of having your own magnetic power generator for your house are huge.

* Reduce your power costs.

* You will be off the electricity grid. Self sufficient.

* You will not create greenhouse gases. Save the environment.

Right about now, you may have an image in your head of “Living With Ed” the television show on planet green where Ed is in the house with his pedal powered bike generator stand producing 150kH perspiring in the process. No, we’re actually talking about zero point energy. No not solar powered energy, no not wind energy, but a magnetic generator.

Sow how does a magnetic powered generator match up against other renewable energy solutions like solar energy or wind energy?

Unlike other alternative power systems such as wind generators or even solar energy generators, perpetual motion magnetic generators will not ever need sunlight or even the breeze to blow to function properly.

So rather than thinking about these questions:

How do I make a homemade wind generator?

Where can I find out how to create a cost effective generator?

How do I create a generator using a water wheel for the power?

You need to consider this question:

Can anyone help me find instructions on how to create a magnetic generator?

To construct a permanent magnetic generator is an easy task. Yes simple. It is possible to build a generator for your home that is simple to construct, quiet, and beneficial to our environment. This is made doable using magnetic energy.

*Building directions are extremely easy to follow, far less complicated than building a solar or wind powered genset.

*You can use a permanent magnetic generator in your apartment if you needed to, its not necessary to have roof space or outside space.

How much would it cost to develop a generator? Blueprints happen to be less than $50 and parts can be obtained for around $100 from your local hardware store. There are a few guides that show you steps to make magnetic generator. The most popular one is offered as a power generator guide and it is known as magniwork. Get yourself started on your own renewable energy project and re-power your homes energy supply and reduce your electricity bill.

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