Green is as green does

December 26, 2011 by Alexis Wright  
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Stupid is as stupid does is the famous line from Tom Hanks in Forest Gump which I believe applies to green energy. Companies are spending tons of money trying to become green. Why?

I thought about this for a long time. I really think it’s about money. The economy is in the toilet what is going to get it out green energy. Yes the Green energy movement is also about public relations but for the most part it’s about money.

Public relations for companies want to use green energy like they are caring about the environment. If companies like Chevy really care about the environment they would implement new manufacturing plants for its cars so they don’t pollute the environment.

Individuals require see that companies don’t truly care about them. They want you to assume you are the a single they built this for. They designed it so they can seat again and also have a glass why your functioning your butts off attempting to purchase it.

Most people recognize what I imply when I inform them “You’re heading to pay for each and every green project because the federal government is funding them.” Green may be a solution to get the economic system back on its ft by producing a lot more jobs.

Now we have all these green jobs but no one is using green services. What are we going to do people. Are we as a country going to buy services so they can have a job? No! We are going to save money and buy dirty energy sources because they are cheaper.

Green is as silly does. Thank you Tom for supplying us that memorable minute I’ll under no circumstances overlook. I do have one particular final thing to say and that’s I’m for green energy. I want green power goods but I believe they are one of many biggest pieces of crap I’ve actually heard of.

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Green Supper Hero

December 23, 2011 by Alexis Wright  
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It never fails to shock me when I see someone wasting time on things they don’t need to. Time is the most precise thing we have. Everyone should manage their time better. Sadly I don’t always take my kids time in to account. I never take Earth’s time into account when it applies to my kids time on earth.

I don’t car about the planet as much as I should and as a result my kids time on earth is shortened. The joke I call global warming has been on my mind a lot. People go overboard when it comes to global warming. Even if it is a joke we should be teaching responsibility to our kids.

I’m not an environmentalist but I do think of myself as a conscientious consumer. I watch what I spend my time on because life is short, but what about the earth’s life? The world is not going to be here forever. It will end. Not on May 21 like Harold Egbert Camping said it would or October 21, 2011 which is what he is saying now, but it will happen sooner than later.

I have asked myself what I can do to save the planet. My youngsters have a look at me like I’m a super hero but would a super hero let the world die since it is handy? I’m not an environmental extremist. I do not think we need to quit using fossil fuels. I do feel we needs to be investing a reasonable quantity of time and funds performing our part in protecting the world our youngsters will inherit and hopefully their children too.

When individuals see a dilemma they appear to the government to solve it. Men and women must not wait for the government to bring hope and change. We all ought to bring hope and change to the world we live in. I adore my kids and I want them to be able to encounter every little thing they want to. I don’t want them to have to drive smart cars for the reason that the government will not let them own a Hummer. This would be extreme.

I have read countless articles about simple things anyone can do to save the planet without regulating everything we do. This is America; “The land of the free.” I’m not saying there is not a cost for everything. I’m saying let the government educate people about this issue without regulating us.

We do not trust every other to do our part since persons don’t care. I have an understanding of this. Why do not we address the dilemma? Nobody teaches respect and responsibility anymore. We teach “do ‘this’ so individuals will leave you alone.” Do what exactly is perfect for you, not what exactly is correct for every person. I’m not preaching socialism. I’m telling people to take control of the world. Don’t let the government set the rules we don’t want if we’re responsible.

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A Cool Way to Cool a Home

December 22, 2011 by Alexis Wright  
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I have always wanted to live totally off the grid but this would mean I would have to sacrifice my savings an investment accounts to afford the $30,000 needed investment to go totally off the grid solar. I cannot afford such an expensive system to simply have the feeling that comes with living totally green. Today I found something remarkably different that promises to allow me to go green for a cheap price tag that has nothing to do with government subsidies.

Air conditioning as well as heating are the primary money sucking parts of a solar system. The deep cycle batteries and the large amount of solar panels needed to run an air conditioner create a payback you will not see for 30 years. Most people will not consider such a system when they see the upfront cost to get one of these things operating in their home.

A typical break even for a solar system is 40 years but this does not consider inflation or interest. If you put that same investment in decent interest gaining investment accounts you could double that money every 5 years. Solar is a losing investment for the consumer almost always. A much better choice is to go with a new type of affordable system that uses radiant energy to immediately cool and heat your house.

There are many different setups when it comes to solar because the technology is very flexible. An even more flexible option is with solar and the use of radiant energy from the sun. Rather than just converting sun energy to electricity where it sits in a deep cycle battery you can use that energy to heat and cool. The one to one energy trade with radiant energy drastically reduces the cost of a solar system.

Finally a radiant energy using system is the best way to go with solar. A home that can be cooled or heated with radiant heat on demand will offer a solution you cannot find anywhere else. The Climate Well technology makes this all work through a process that heats water and heats salt and sends this energy as needed while storing excess. More and more countries are adopting this which promises an off the grid future living for people of earth.

We write about solar technology and other technology that promises to make the world a better place. Our concern is that people see the new technologies that exist and use them to help gain popularity. If people do not get the word out about green energy at affordable prices how will the environment ever improve?


Getting rid of the box?

December 3, 2011 by Alexis Wright  
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Do you have “that box”?

It might be a shoe box, a wooden box or just any ordinary type of box that contains memories from your past.

The box may contain items from past relationships, pictures from high school and other random objects you find sentimental.

I had that box until recently, but then I realized it was time to let go.

I didn’t throw everything out that was in the box. I chose to keep a stopwatch given to me by my former track coach and a pent my uncle gave me when I was in first grade.

However, several things in that box are now only memories as well. The key to my first car: gone. What’s the point of holding on to that? I’ll never drive it again and the car itself is just a memory.

I also threw out my pictures from senior my senior prom. I’m actually embarrassed that those were even in there.

Obviously I hadn’t looked in the box for who knows how long which is why it was just collecting dust along with everything else in there, make it less acceptable to hold on to it.

It would’ve been a sing that I can let go of my past had I not been able to get rid of that box.

Yes, our past makes us who we are today, but it does no good for these ‘memories’ to collect dust because we never revisit them.

You’re not deleting your past by throwing away the box, you’re embracing what the future has in store.

Think about how pathetic I would look if I held on to those prom photos.

Again, it’s fine to keep some of these items, like the stopwatch and the pen, but we need to be willing to let go of some things, especially the negatives.

Do you ever hold onto th bad things that happen to you in life? If not, why would you hold onto the bad things?

Sometimes thinking about the good things of the past can be depressing because it makes you want to go back.

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Lower power providers in Jersey City New Jersey

December 2, 2011 by Alexis Wright  
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Among the greatest issues persons have been talking about lately is “Green” energy. For folks to get lower power providers in Jersey City, New Jersey they’ll need to get a “Green” energy strategy. The strategy will price much more than the typical dirty electricity plans but in the long run will save them more dollars.

Green energy plans give consumer the possibilities that the regular plans do not. Men and women can get there energy from solar, wind as well as other green energy sources.

Solar power uses the sun to generate electricity. Since the sun does not shine all of the time batteries are require to store the electricity.

Wind power can function day or night but have to have wind to generate power. Open fields or rolling hills are fantastic place for wind power to be employed.

People are constantly looking for better techniques to create electricity and will attain the maximum efficiency.

Electric powered cars will help lower power providers in Jersey City, New Jersey. Electric cars are not related to energy providers but are related to the energy marketplace. If electric cars are utilised within the US they are going to save enough energy which will cut the energy cost for homes in half.

The energy markets have do not have a lot of time to fix the people’s needs. Some people believe we are going to run out of oil in the late 2000s. Take heart in the fact people are always looking for better things and things that will make them money.

Finding lower power providers in Jersey City, New Jersey will support peoples wallets but even superior than that it is going to helps save the planet due to the cleaner energy sources. The government is also playing its component in taking care of the earth by offering tax cuts a credits to those making use of energy star items.

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What Makes a Good PA Electric Company

November 14, 2011 by Alexis Wright  
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PECO electric utility is unbiased and some would say agnostic about electric choice in Pennsylvania. The government of PA has broken up this large monopoly electric utility that primarily served the Philadelphia area. Now energy consumers can pick from multiple competitive electric providers in the state that offer cheaper electric rate plans compared to PECO.

Most of us in Philadelphia have decided to stay with PECO electric utility rather than shop electric companies like Spark Energy and Champion Energy. The residents of Philadelphia simply see the prospect of switching electric companies away from PECO as a hassle and the idea as foreign. PA residents simply do not have their questions adequately addressed as to what will change to make life more difficult for them if they choose to switch away from PECO electric company.

There has been a few notices that went out in the mail informing PECO electric utility customers that they can now choose an alternate electric company. Some competitive electricity suppliers competing against PECO have used this to persuade PECO energy customers to switch away. There have even been cases where the sales person has convinced the potential customer that they are PECO or were sent by PECO electric utility. This scam has helped some alternate energy suppliers to easily sign up new customers in the PECO footprint.

The main problem causing a headache for energy consumers in Pennsylvania are the misrepresentations made by some of the door to door sales guys hitting the streets. Many of these neighborhood canvas people will tell all kinds of half truths to get people to switch away from PECO Energy. When the customer gets their first months electric bill they feel as if they have been had. It is important that PA retail electric providers have some type of self policing and quality control to prevent the deregulation process from being tarnished.

In conclusion I would encourage Philadelphia energy consumers to not sign an energy contract with a door to door sales guy. It is worth listening to what they have to say but when they are finished talking go check out what they have told you on the internet. Read some government notices that have been published about PA electric deregulation and make an informed decision. Once you have a good grasp of electric deregulation and choice in PA go out to a comparison site and see what options are available in Pennsylvania on comparison websites.

PECO electric is the largest Pennsylvania electricity utility in the state. When comparing energy suppliers against PECO Electric it helps to review information on other electric providers and what has been said about them. You can learn more about electricity deregulation by reading these articles: Energy Articles