Your Choice Of Apparel Can Be Environmentally Friendly

February 12, 2012 by Andrew Parker  
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There is a growing trend of people looking for eco friendly choices as the greener way of living has become more popular. The types of shifts being seen include wind and solar powered energy, earth friendly items and driving habits beginning to shift to earth friendly automobiles such as hybrids. Considering all of this, it’s not a surprise that people are now embracing environmentally friendly clothes too. The market for environmentally friendly goods is set to spread out as people see with their own eyes the effects of global warming.

There are misunderstandings about what actually comprises clothes as being eco friendly. Below we have three leading clothing material categories accompaniied by information about them. They will be able to help you tell if the apparel you wear are earth friendly.

One material thought to be environmentally friendly but one that many may be less aware of is hemp. Hemp is a crop, grown in the ground (it’s from the cannabis plant) and can be utilized for a wide variety of clothing, including coats, pants and shirts due to its rugged feeling and appearance. To determine whether your clothes are made out of hemp, simply read the label, or if you’re in the market to purchase clothing made from hemp, ask the retailer whether or not the material is organic and fair trade. The trouble is that hemp can end up being utilized in a manner that is not environmentally friendly because of its cheap cost of production. Due diligence is recommended as such.

Cotton A widely picked out textile, as a result of a texture that is not too heavy, is cotton and you will see it in a good number of clothes. Cotton is often grown in a manner that is not environmentally friendly. Huge amounts of water and fertilizer go into the growing of cotton, which isn’t eco friendly. One more environmental issue is the use of harmful insecticide. The cultivation itself is not ordinarily sustainable and usually cotton is not fair trade. This doesn’t mean to say that you can’t obtain cotton made in an earth friendly way, you need to simply ask if the farming of the cotton satisfies fair trade or organic production standards. Majority of the retail merchants that sell eco friendly cotton will be glad and even proud to state so, but if they’re not open to tell you then most probably they’re not eco friendly.

Wool: If we think of good quality apparel that feel nice to wear, it is possible that wool is the textile being used. Coats, hats and sweaters are created from this material. Of course, wool is derived from animals so it’s earth friendly; however, you need to check. If the sheep producing the wool were given food grown organically then the wool is said to be organic. In addition, we may enquire if the sheep have been raised in a good fashion. Sheep that are allowed to freely roam and consume grass tend to be brought up humanely and naturally; nonetheless their wool will be more expensive. This needs to be watched carefully since often sheep are not raised like this.

A growing number of people are experiencing the benefits of environmentally friendly products, so don’t be amazed to see more green products in the following months and years.

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