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January 30, 2012 by Aggie Montana  
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Recession, environment, and energy crisis are words that have in recent years become daily concerns. It is for this reason that those in the position to do so have been thinking of more sustainable ways to provide themselves with electricity. Solar power cost is an interest to many as people are thinking of replacing or supplementing their current system.

One perk of having a home run on solar power is that it is a one time cost of equipment with no recurring fees save periodic upkeep. If you are in financial hardship, however, this is probably its biggest downfall as well. To power an average house, the equipment installed would cost approximately $20,000. The cost per watt is normally $10 to $12 and the number of watts you would need is found on your electric bill. A nice feature, however, is that you can purchase as many panels at one time as is affordable and may add more later in time.

There are several government programs that provide incentives to switch, or partially switch, to solar energy. The government website in your area will be able to provide you with the information necessary for you to apply to such a program.

The availability of solar panels is another great perk. This means that if you would like to have power at a cabin or summer home, you are not forced to choose a location that is on an existing power line. The costs of wiring a cabin are the same as wiring a home and depends on how many watts you would require.

There are also solar thermal water heating systems that take no time to pay for themselves. These are used to offset the cost of your hot water bill by 50% to 100%, they cost less than $5,000, and they will pay for themselves in under three years.

In addition, these energy collectors come in portable varieties. Small devices are available to provide charge for cell phones and GPS systems as well as for larger devices like laptops and televisions. The smaller chargers are relatively inexpensive, running about $150 while the larger ones that are capable of powering a computer or television cost anywhere from $700 to $1000.

The Japanese government has been providing incentives for residents of Japan to install solar power for quite some time. The result is that it has become quite popular and the increased market demand for the equipment has resulted in a decrease in the associated cost in that country. This just goes to show that if we all played our part by purchasing even just a few for now, additions in the future would be much less costly.

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