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November 12, 2011 by Paul Robertson  
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DIY magnetic energy helps lower utility bills to make energy in the home more effective by creating a magnetic power generator. The utility bill will be significantly lowered or eliminated totally if the generator is built large enough to furnish the power.

Individuals who have this type of generator in the home do not have a utility bill because the generator supplies all the power. A DIY magnetic generator is a useful way to get some freedom from the hold of the power companies. It is also a good idea to have a look at your current use of electrical equipment to determine if there are any opportunities for saving power.

A couple of options here are to use fluorescent bulbs and switch off unused equipment. Another great way to reduce power usage is to be more prudent with airconditioning and heating, as well as your utilisation of the clothes drier. Dishes can also be washed and dried naturally without using the dishwasher. Shut the air vents in rooms you don’t use and make sure that your air filters are changed and cleaned regularly. Some other good tips to cut back on power usage are to repair leaking taps, swap ageing appliances with energy efficient ones, and use cold water for washing clothes where achievable.

Once you have done all you can with energy conservation, you can get to work with constructing a diy magnetic energy generator for your home. You can make a permanent one by putting magnets on the outside of a wheel – their opposing fields cause the wheel to revolve.

After you have managed to get the wheel turning, you can hook it up to a DC generator. By doing this you the kinetic energy of the spinning wheel is converted into electricity. The electricity you have created can be stored in a battery pack until you are all set to use it around your dwelling.

More and more people are aware that diy magnetic energy generators are a reliable source of power that provides free electricity. It is actually straightforward to understand how one works. Unlike some other renewable power sources, it produces electricity as soon as you get it started. Its 3 key advantages are that is doesn’t produce excess heat, it is environmentally benign, and it is a clean power source.

DIY magnetic generators also don’t take up a lot of room. They will work in just about any climate and cost very little to put together. It typically cost less than $100 to tap into diy magnetic energy and will save even more when the electrical bill is eliminated. Thus many individuals are making and using this device.

However, keep in mind that accidents do happen when making this device because of negligence. To preclude accidents with turning machinery it is advisable to use gloves and safety glasses. DIY magnetic energy differs in content and nature, depending on the individual who is building it. It is recommended that you build a system which is appropriate to your family and household needs. If the generator is too weak, it will not support he power needs of the entire household. Creating a larger device and/or using more magnets will make sure that you have a diy magnetic energy system that will bring a significant benefit to your home and family.

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