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November 16, 2011 by Perry Schryver  
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In Leeds, in the United Kingdom there’s a totally new way people are going green in this apartment complex called the “Greenhouse” The building regulations in the UK provide a certain amount of carbon to be created by structures, and this apartment building is running at only 45%. By using thermal solar panels as well as an aquifer, this building has the capacity to generate enough hot water for all of its tenants

Because of all the environmentally friendly techniques that the building utilizes, this building creates more energy than it could ever make use of. The British government is seeking these types of structures and it appears as if the Greenhouse is merely the first of its kind. This building has grabbed numerous awards for sustainability, including one simply for its insulation! The apartments themselves are quite large, and at first glance you can’t even see any of the Eco friendly aspects of the building. By simply aerating the water in the building, individuals are using 25% less water as compared to what they would have with out the aerated system, however they don’t lose any of the water pressure. Even the flooring surfaces throughout the building has been manufactured with recycled items along with bamboo.

To keep the building cozy in the winter months and cool during the summer time the building has made use of an external insulation. Since the building has 1930′s brickwork, you never notice any of the environmentally friendly elements of the building.

Perhaps the most interesting thing regarding the Greenhouse will be the 32 inch TV. The fact that the TV in addition works as your doorbell, and it likewise informs you when the trains and buses are running, makes this TV unique. The particular TV channels also come through the Internet connection, ruling out the requirement of aerials altogether. But hold on it lets you do so much more. In addition, it keeps tabs on your electricity and hot water consumption, telling you the amount you’ve used and how much it will cost you. People who live there love this added function. A lot of people there never realized simply how much electricity and water they had wasted in the past.

Now lets just say that you needed to draw a bath. To take a good hot bath it will cost you 1 dollar and 20 cents. Taking a hot bath every day of the month would run you about 36. And in a years time frame? You do the particular math, its not cheap!

One thing that may bother some individuals is that you aren’t the only one who knows how much electricity and water your using as the developers of the building keep track of your usage also.

This project demonstrates that when you can observe just how much electricity and hot water you’re using most people usually tone it down. The best part is you can monitor your electric and also see where your wasting energy, and when you can see exactly where it is being misused it is possible to change things to stay away from the waste in the future.

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