Why Is Safe And Clean Energy So Important?

November 30, 2011 by Jason Lawrence  
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When most people think of safe and clean energy, what comes to mind is usually basic information that’s not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there’s a lot more to safe and clean energy than just the basics.

Solar is comically unsuitable for baseline power generation. Even forgetting it’s 4X or more expensive than traditional power, you have the problems of energy storage and generation. Solar panels — whether photovoltaic or thin-film — are primarily a glass product.

Clean energy technologies are committed to offering revolutionary, green alternatives to conventional energy sources. The approach to energy is no longer synonymous with pollution.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on safe and clean energy now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

Fuel cell technology is a particularly important enabler for biomass utilisation offering high efficiencies of conversion in fairly small unit sizes and is essential to the new distributed energy economy. Fuel cells can then convert hydrogen to electrical energy to power anything from vehicles and homes to electronic devices.

Solar power is waiting for more efficient fuel cells. And coal gasification is an unproven technology. Solar’s peak period of production, happily coincides with the peak period of demand. So solar can aid with the heavy day load, while gas handles the evening.

Solar customers typically use sonar-like time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) to measure molecular contaminants other techniques may miss. The “echo” from an ionic beam projected onto the substrate reveals the presence of oils, particles and residues. Solar made large gains, recording growth of 49 percent to reach total investment of $33.5 billion. Geothermal was the highest growth sector, with investment up 149 percent to $2.2 billion, but bio fuels dropped by 9 percent to $16.9 billion.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of safe and clean energy. Share your new understanding about safe and clean energy with others. They’ll thank you for it.

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Homemade Solar Cells Are Easy To Make

November 30, 2011 by Aggie Montana  
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Solar cells are used for converting the solar energy into the electric energy. These cells can be bought from the market easily for the commercial use or large scale use. They can also be made at home with the help of simple equipment. These homemade solar cells can be useful for understanding the principle of solar cells. They can also be used for powering the low voltage electric appliances.

Making a solar cell at home generally requires material which is easily available at home and that too in the kitchen. Even if some of the things are not found in your kitchen, you can take a walk to the neighborhood hardware store.

When making the solar cells at home, using cuprous oxide seems a better choice. Commercially, the silicon is used instead of cuprous oxide. In order to make a solar cell at home, you will need to have a copper sheet, a few clip leads, an electric stove, sand paper and a micro ammeter. All of these materials are easy to find.

Copper sheet taken is cut to fit the stove. Size of the sheet should be proper and it should not cover the entire burner. It should properly fit over the burner. After doing this you should clean your hands with soap. Now clean the copper by using sand paper or wire brush. This will result in removal of light corrosion.

Turn on the stove and place the piece of copper on it. Color pattern of copper will change with time. Keep the stove on until a black coating appears on the sheet. Now it is time to wait until copper cools down. With this cooling process, black coating will disappear and it will take half an hour.

Now place this sheet into an open jar. Cut another piece from the copper sheet of the same size and place it in the jar as well. Make sure that they are not touching each other. You may have to bend these pieces of copper in order to fit in the jar properly.

Make a solution of salt with tap water fill the jar with it. Jar should not be filled completely. Now use wires to connect ammeter to alligator clips. Take this assembly in the sunlight and current will start flowing. This is how homemade solar cells are made with a very simple and easy procedure.

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Is It Time To test Solar energy Once more?

November 29, 2011 by Leroy Bertrand  
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Poor air quality is becoming an issue in cities worldwide. Oxygen levels are lessening annually making it harder to breathe. Trees die a lot more regularly and water is becoming dirtier all over the planet. The human race has made bad choices which are right now causing our world to fade away. Clearing up these challenges is possible when we return to using what was used when the world began.

Solar power may be the answer to a number of our existing problems as the sun has always been a source of heat and light. Solar power has never been another method to obtain energy. Instead, our ancestors depended upon it as the primary source of warmth along with light. The technological innovation of today has now gotten to the point of returning once more to solar power. Why should solar power end up being used when the planet has coal for the very same purpose.

First of all, solar power is very economical. Merely examine the rising cost of your energy bills. You can significantly reduce what you pay for utilities when you choose the option of solar power. This will come as no real shock if you are currently a solar power consumer. Along with more advanced technology, it is easier to arive at the break even point after paying to install solar panel systems. People who are currently using systems powered by solar are actually earning money from the power they have. Some have concerns concerning their batteries running out or getting low when there are several cloudy days in a row.

For most of the climates in the world, cloudy days are never a dilemma. Surplus electric power can sometimes be wasted in many cases. Utility providers inside the United States must buy back any extra generated power. Solar power consumers might actually see their electric meters run backwards whenever their systems are running. The utility company are going to pay you a substantial amount when you also make use of a water wheel or wind mill. However, this only happens if you are still hooked up to the electric company. People who don’t want to be connected to a utility company choose to use an energy source of their own.

The advancements made to solar units have resulted in lower and lower prices. In the event you happen to be a survivalist or are living far away from any sort of town, solar power may be your top choice. We humans are constantly searching for new ways to get things done. Solar energy could fix man’s environmental problems and at the same time give him an intellectual boost. Developing new solar technology is one way that we can leave the world better than we found it. The selections the human race has made for developing a better world have not always ended with the hoped for success. It would seem that improving solar power would help the world successfully solve some of its problems.

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Solar Energy DIY Projects To Help Your Budget And The Environment

November 28, 2011 by Paul Robertson  
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The cost of many things has risen but doing it yourself means you can still get what you need but at a lower cost, and this without doubt holds true for solar energy DIY projects. Getting hold of quality instructions and diagrams will ensure that you can without difficultly complete the vast bulk of your solar energy construction tasks by yourself.

On the other hand, if your installation is very specialized it will be a good move to seek skilled assistance to make sure you get it right. You can get a great deal of your solar panels and equipment from solar wholesalers, frequently at a much lower cost than elsewhere. This is a great place to speak to a wholesale solar energy DIY technician who can help you work out the amount of electricity you normally use in your home, and how to change that over to green power.

These technicians can assist with the facts you give them about your household and your needs, to help you design the ideal renewable power system. The great thing about using alternative energy for your home is that once you have everything set up you can immediately start saving money. From then on instead of paying for electricity, it is provided free, courtesy of the sun’s rays. Sunlight is what powers these panels and it is a great natural resource.

There are a whole range of solar panels you can utilize with different power outputs, depending on your solar energy DIY requirements. You will also require a device to convert the collected electricity, and products for mounting your solar panels to, say, an existing roof. In the first instance it is a fantastic idea to work out your electricity requirements so you understand how many panels to make or purchase.

In these testing economic circumstances there are a lot of individuals who are looking for ways to save money and become more financially autonomous. So the idea of reducing or even eliminating power bills for ever, plus doing something environmentally constructive, is without doubt attractive. And unquestionably, getting rid of bills completely is something that can cheer most people’s hearts.

Many people these days have turned to alternative forms of energy other than fossil fuels. Having one’s own power plant is very common these days. Power plants like this can be powered by solar or wind sources.

Dwindling oil supplies across the globe are driving governments everywhere to start looking at all sorts of green energy and fuel sources. There is an urgent need for them, and so the ‘supply and demand’ criteria has increased. This is not at all surprising because renewable solar energy DIY systems are going to produce an enormous amount of energy for us once fossil fuels have been totally used up.

If you are looking for some good solar prices keep a look out for sales, because you can get some splendid deals with runout or superseded stock. Businesses are also converting to green powered systems and receiving discount products through wholesalers and sales can save a lot of money and can then be installed by a professional technician or themselves. Getting a professional to install these things though can also be a saving in case you install it wrongly or miss out on something crucial. Solar energy DIY should certainly be considered and a search on the internet for solar sales and wholesalers can be extremely helpful.

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DIY Solar Energy Panels

November 28, 2011 by CJ Woods  
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You need power, and you want it right now! Watts and Watts of electricity, kilowatts per hour of electricity. Yet the power company keeps raising up your charges, making your power bill far more oppressive than a mid-west summer day just before a thunderstorm lets go of more than enough power to light up a city. Where did that thunderstorm pick up it’s power? It’s all Solar energy, naturally. Utilizing a solar panel array, some batteries, and diodes together with switches, you’re sure you can have all of the electricity you require! Solar power is free, alternative, and readily available essentially all over the world, once you’ve got the equipment that can convert it to electricity. Exactly what does it take to produce solar power? At the center of any solar energy power system is the solar cell. Cells may be found in various types. A solar cell is a silicon semiconductor, typically square or rectangular and is also available in different dimensions to support many purposes, from little calculator cells, to big cells arranged in arrays that power people’s homes and buildings. Any time sunlight hits the surface area, an electric current is generated.

How many Watts?

To start with, it’s wise to figure out how much electricity you need to produce. The easiest method to figure out how much power you need is by calculating Watts. Lights plus home appliances are typically rated by how many Watts they use. For instance, to produce the electrical power you need for that ac unit you installed during last summer’s massive heat wave, you have to know how many Watts it needs. A little air conditioner needs approximately five hundred Watts; medium and big units will use 1000-1500 Watts or more. By adding up the number of Watts you use hourly, you’re able to work out your current consumption. How can you be sure the number of Watts you will need for your whole house? Simple, look at your power bill, or simply telephone the electricity provider and figure out the total number of kilowatt hours (kWh, 1000 Watts per hour) you will normally use every month. An appliance which uses 1000 Watts, left on for one hour, will use 1 kWh. The average cost of one kWh can vary from about 8 and 20 cents in the United States. Generally cells utilized for home arrays are 4, five or even 6 in., and produce approximately two watts of power, under ideal (direct sunlight, warm temperature) conditions. Cells are usually mounted on frames of wood or metal in sets of 18, 36, or 72, putting out thirty six, 72 and 144 Watts (at two Watts per cell) respectively. A seventy two cell module lists for around $500-700. For Do It Yourself solar power systems, you save much more cash by purchasing the solar cells and making the panels yourself. What does it take to make a panel your self?

Do It Yourself How to construct Solar Power Panels at Home

Building solar panels at home hasn’t ever been so easy. Cells are sold online for around $1 each, frequently with other parts included. A package deal of seventy two cells, plus a diode, that keeps the electricity flowing in only one direction, and wire for connecting it all up is available for $100 or less! If you also purchase a frame for $40, you will save a lot of money compared to $500- 700 for each built module. That’s a possible cost savings of $360-560 per module! Pretty much all you will need for making your own personal solar panels at home is just a bit of know-how, some basic tools, and good instructions. Take a look at this article’s resource link to see a comparison graph and report on do-it-yourself solar panel manuals. The manuals offer a thorough overview of the fundamentals of a pv system, from the solar cells, to the electrical wiring and framework, to inverters and battery packs, and much more. How much are you able to actually save on your electricity bills?

Saving Money on Your Energy Bill

It’s easy to start small and increase your system while you learn, but will it genuinely save you money? The answer is yes, and no. Sure your electricity bill will get reduced while you increase the solar power capacity to your system, but you have to think about how much power it is possible to purchase with the money you spend on components. Going solar is an investment, therefore it will take time to make back the upfront cash you invest. Things to consider are the cost of the tools and materials, and your time and energy when compared to the amount of money you can save with regards to your power bill in time. Just as important, however, is definitely the satisfaction of owning a solar pv system that you set up yourself, and the enjoyment of cutting open your electricity bill and seeing it get lower and lower. You could possibly even be allowed to sell power back to the power company and get a check instead of owing them! Keep in mind however, if you’ve built the system yourself, the power company may not let you sell power back for safety, because most diy home owners aren’t accredited electricians, and the system is not UL listed. Consult your nearby utility company for regulations. The fulfillment you will enjoy from listening to your air conditioner kick on, as you settle back and take it easy guilt free, realizing that you won’t owe the electricity company a cent for the electricity, is probably the most satisfying reason of all to make your very own solar energy system.

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The Quick Solution – Magnetic Generators

November 27, 2011 by Gordon Zwillenberg  
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You are on a firm budget, and those electric bills keep on growing bigger and bigger. It’s a dip in savings just to make ends meet. You necessitate a low cost solution, that you can do right now.

What Are Magnetic Generators?

Magnetic Generators are becoming a popular alternative. A kit might run you about $50. The parts and materials expended to construct a magnetic generator is about $200. In total, you may use up $250 or roughly three months of your electric bill.

In a magnetic generator, electricity is generated by rotating a string of magnets and drawing them to two other rows of magnets. The friction, that develops, produces the electricity to power a house.

Magnetic Generators are utilised to make electricity in hydroelectric dams. The rushing water pushes the magnets around a coil. The same theory is made for residential magnetic generators.

What Are The Advantages?

The advantages to constructing a magnetic generator contain:

1. Compact – might be utilized in a number of locations.

2. Sealed Unit – not interfered with by climate and is safe. The unit is protected against children and dogs.

3. Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill – This can amount to a savings of at least $1,000 per year.

4. Easy To Build – The kits contain step-by-step instructions that anyone could understand.

5. Eco-Friendly – Unlike gas and oil, magnetic generators do not pollute the atmosphere. There is no waste to eliminate.

6. The units are subdued. You may not know that they are working.

How Rapidly Could You Build One?

A Magnetic Generator may be constructed in a weekend. You might buy the parts from a local hardware store or local home improvements store. You can also order the parts off of the internet.

What Must A Kit Comprise Of?

When looking for a kit to construct a magnetic generator, you necessitate to consider the following:

1. Step-By-Step Handbook – that demonstrates to you how to put the Magnetic Generator together. It must be clear and uncomplicated to understand. This way, anyone possibly could construct the project.

2. List of Materials – Analyze it carefully. You may need to order some of the parts over the internet. As stated earlier, you can get most of the parts at your local home improvement store or hardware store.

3. Customer Support – You should be competent to talk with the company any hour of the day or night – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It’s surprising; but, you may ask the questions at 3 AM on a Sunday Morning.

4. Warranty or Money Back Guarantee – Most companies feature a minimum warranty with some guaranties going even longer. The standard warranty is for 60 days.

5. Testing and Connection Instructions – You will need to check everything out, before the unit is connected to the electric lines.

6. Maintenance Instructions – So that you’re magnetic generator can last a long time.

What Else Need You Look At?

Grade your situation. If you have a large house, you can demand two generators or one large generator to power your house. You want the Magnetic Generators to take care of all of your electric needs.

You will demand to hire an electrical contractor to tie your system in with the utility companies system. This might be a huge expense; but, once it’s finished, you will be decreasing your electric bill. You could even get compensated for some of the electricity you generate.

You Can Do It!

If high electric bills are getting you down, you necessitate to deliberate a magnetic generator. You may construct one for less than $200. You can put up the magnetic generator in a weekend.

Good luck with your project!

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Renewable Resources: Wind

November 27, 2011 by Debbie S Garcia  
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A great renewable resource that more and more people are taking advantage of is wind. Wind is one of our most valuable resources on this planet. It is a natural renewable resource that is a inhabitant of our planet and helps create power. There are many different types of wind harnessing tools that help create the energy we use today.

Solar rays are an important role in creating wind. When the Sun heats up our Earth using solar rays, it heats it up in different places. Land masses tend to warm up faster than bodies of water. When the land heats up and the air rises the cooler air that is on water masses moves and replaces where the hotter air was, this creates wind. Since our Earth is always moving and the Sun heats up different places of our planet at different times this creates wind in different areas.

The Sun’s solar rays are used in the same process that creates wind world wide. Areas near our equator heating up and rising and air from the north and south pole moving. This creates a world wise wind/air movement that is always moving. Unlike other areas this air/wind flow will always be there. Depending on where the Sun is heating up areas of our planet created a wind flow in more of a local area then the wind pattern by the equator.

Windmills used to be a major source of wind harnessing energy. Now they have been modernized and rebuilt to harness more wind and create more energy. We call these turbines. They usually look like large white towers with propeller like blades on them. Most of the time they are placed in a very windy canyon or mountain side. There also an abundance of them in one place to harness as much of that wind flow as possible.

Our planet has so many different natural reusable resources with in it. With out the Sun heating up our planet and creating wind we would not be able to harness its power. This is such an important renewable resource to have and switch too. Crude oil and fossil fuels are a thing of the past. Many home owners are switching to solar panels to harness the Sun’s energy and windmills/electric windmills to harness the winds power.

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Sound Advice On Finding The Best Utility Energy System

November 26, 2011 by Anne Harvester  
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When it comes to finding the ideal utility energy for a commercial or industrial business, then Amonix is a company that designs and manufactures solar power systems. By using a renewable resource, solar radiation, this dynamic system optimizes every day to produce electricity, which can be used by any number of commercial and industrial enterprises.

They manufacture the systems which are ideally suited to very dry and arid conditions. The Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) systems do not require water to generate power so they are perfect for desert conditions. The constant sunlight quota is just perfect for converting solar radiation into electricity.

As a result of technological advances and ongoing research, for many generations, has led to the design and creation of this highly effective and efficient solution. The great design features, allow for maximum harvesting potential, without having to repair or replace the various components. The unique concentrated optics, are crucial for the conversion process.

With the use of multijunction cells, this system can be utilized to suit growing business requirements. They have been tried and tested in a space environment and proved to be extremely effective. The unique design features allows each cell to take complete advantage of every square meter of solar radiation they are exposed to. This means better performance and better results for all concerned.

The Megamodule system, is flexible enough that the customer can add additional cells on to get optimum benefits. This is ideal for the customers that want to start off small and grow their energy requirements with their business. This very unique system can be increased by one cell at a time until optimum levels are obtained.

Unique tracking system which has a dual axis, enables sun tracking at all times. This means that this wonderful resources is being utilized at all times. The entire system is automated and will generate the necessary power to keep the business running at all times. It functions at its peak, constantly, with quiet efficiency.

The factory manufactured units are built to with stand time and the elements. They are really easy to install and will be working in no time at all. The old way of relying on the power grid to meet standard requirements is a thing of the past. This proven system is not only cost effective, but is also environmentally friendly. This is the perfect opportunity to bring down over heads and a reliance on the national grid.

In the long term businesses will quickly discover that this system is not only completely efficient, but it will also prove to be totally cost effective. When a comparison is made between the newer technology and the older systems, of tapping into the power grid, then this one comes out on top each and every time. Once a company has switched to this system they will never go back again.

Check out our article on how to get the best out of utility energy for more info on solar power plants and California-based solar power company Amonix


Locating The Optimal Solar Power System Installer

November 26, 2011 by Kenneth B. Jackson  
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If you want to “go green” and save money, then considering solar energy might be a good option for you. Solar power allows people to reduce their monthly electricity bills, while also utilizing the Australian rebate program to make solar system installation more affordable and beneficial. At first, knowing where to begin in order to buy a solar energy system can be intimidating. To help with the procedure, you can hire a professional installer, but there are some aspects you should personally take into consideration before beginning.

The first factor is cost. This is obviously an important factor for many people, but it might not be relevant in the way you think it should. When investing in a solar energy system, it is actually more beneficial to buy a system that may be on the costly side (as long as it has the quality to back up the price). The reason for this is that you “get what you pay for”, and as solar energy systems tend to last for more than twenty years, you will be making a good investment.

A second aspect to look at when finding a solar energy installer is their warranty. As mentioned before, solar systems should reliably work for at least twenty years, and a solar power installer should have a warranty to back this up. The solar panels in a photovoltaic system degrade at 0.5% to 1% a year, but this should still leave you a lot of time to benefit from your renewable energy source. Having a warranty that is actually backed by a company in Australia is also pivotal – in certain instances another country may back the warranty, which means you could end up paying very high postage fees to send them any damaged equipment should something run amiss.

Workmanship is one other important but usually neglected factor. Quality solar systems can be very eye-catching. Your contractor must be able to inform you of what sort of mounting system they often use, and also if they allow air to flow beneath the panels or not. Unprotected cables must be taken note of; they are significantly less able to withstand the temperature of the sun than the panels are, therefore all external wires should be in a UV guarded conduit. You can even ask for recommendations from other clientele and check to see if an installer will show you a selection of their earlier work. A good quality solar technology system needs to be straightforward but effective.

The last thing it’s best to take note of is merely how well you get along with your contractor. Are they really ready to respond to your questions and are they available to help? Confirm they are licensed by the “Clean Energy Council”, because this is quite important. All installers have to have this certification in order for the government to pay out its refunds to you. Should you pay attention to the particulars, you’re definitely halfway to owning a wonderful renewable power system, but make sure your installer is willing to meet you in the middle and support you along the journey.

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Simple Guide To The Importance Of Solar Panel Efficiency

November 25, 2011 by Nathan Thompson  
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Solar panel efficiency is a percentage of the solar energy that is converted into electrical power by a module. In other words, it is the rate at which a panel can utilize the amount of energy that it receives from the sun by transforming it into voltage.

The efficiency of say 9% would mean that a module sources 90 watts for every 1000 watts that go through its photovoltaic cells from sunlight. In the market today, solar units are available with energy conversion rates of between 6% and 20% or a little more.

Incidentally, the choice between the highest or the lowest energy conversion ratio is not that simple. The cost of those modules that are more productive is always higher than those with lower conversion rates. The cheap inefficient ones however may have the benefit of having a lower cost per watt as compared to the more efficient ones.

Manufacturing costs are to blame for this situation for it is really expensive to make quality solar cells. Over the years, one of the most productive materials has been crystalline silicone. However, due to the cost of manufacture some electronic companies result to slicing the silicon rods to make a thin film which is a cheaper method but it compromises the energy conversion ratio of the module.

The thin-celled units can be produced in modules having a larger surface area to maximize energy input which is okay to those who have such spaces to spare. However, those who are pressed for space and still need solar energy are faced with the dilemma of buying cheap, inefficient and bulky modules or purchasing expensive but compact and efficient kits.

Other times, the question may not be limitation in space but practicability. If one lives in a very cold and cloudy place one may consider installing highly efficient solar units to maximize energy conversion. If other power sources are accessible, one should compare the cost per watt and assess the period which shall elapse before the modules cover their own cost.

In remote areas where there is no hope of getting connected to the power grid, solar energy becomes a necessity not a luxury. In such places it is not a bad idea to invest in high performance modules for the cost will be spread over decades and this will even negate the cost per watt making the decision worthwhile. This is now possible since the technology exists to push the lifespan of a module up to 30 years.

The trick has always been to come up with cheap and easy to produce PV cells that exhibit conversion ratios of up to 80% or thereabouts. Nanotechnology is being used for these purposes and it is said to be working in test cases. There is also the question of transfer and conversion of the captured energy to prevent voltage loss before usage. Micro-inverters have been applied to convert DC into AC right at the modules.

A lot of research is being carried out in facilities all over the world to produce the technology that that will solve these problems. Strides are being made everyday which if successful and commercialized they shall put sunlight energy at par with other energy options such as nuclear as far as output and cost per watt is concerned.

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