Reaping The Benefits Of Solar Hot Water Panels

October 21, 2011 by Aggie Montana  
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The use of solar hot water panels has been escalating in homes all across the world in countries such as Italy, Australia, America, Spain and France. Ever since the late 1970s these systems became a huge hit in the USA. In fact, so popular are these solar heating systems, figures reveal that more than 40,000 house holds in the UK alone are reaping the benefits of them

There are incredible advantages of using these systems in the modern world. These can be seen very simply in the fact that hot water is obtained from them far more economically. Also, the use of these systems results in a huge savings on energy bills.

These solar panels are also gaining recognition for their use in houses that have swimming pools. Statistics reveal that it is extremely costly to heat the water of swimming pools on an annual basis. But with the advent of these new solar heating systems, the costs to maintain hot water in swimming pools has been reduced greatly.

In certain parts of the world, an average household is now capable of getting hot water for the entire house in the summer, just by the use of these solar heaters. This has tremendous economic advantages. Hardly surprising is it then that solar heating systems have been in use to warm households since ages. An assorted variety of these systems are now available but the actual choice depends upon the person or persons concerned.

The dimension and type of the solar heater, big or small, is largely determined on the size of any household. People in some countries are given rebates to take advantage of these solar heating systems. This is also a crucial factor in determining the usage by people.

For example places like Arizona, New Jersey, California, Colorado, to name a few, offer massive rebates for people to avail of these systems. In fact, individuals are even compensated for the power they produce, just to help offset the initial costs of the investment.

The last decade has seen a massive boom in the solar industry. The result has been a whopping 40% drop in the cost to put solar panels on individual homes. If there ever was a time to put solar hot water panels in residences, now is the time.

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2 Responses to “Reaping The Benefits Of Solar Hot Water Panels”
  1. Veronica says:

    I may have misread your qoutsien, sorry if I did.There is no energy savings by using an alternative source. Most of the alternative sources are in fact MORE expensive. People choose to pay more for solar, wind, and other alternative sources a lot more in some cases.As alternative energies become more efficient and cost effective they replace fossil fuels more and more, but there is still a cost to the production of the PV cells and wind turbines lots of metal, and lots of composites including plastics, in relation to the power they produce.Energy savings comes from conservation and increasing efficiency.Right now, renewable energy accounts for about 7 percent of US energy consumption. Most of the 7 percent is Hydro-electric and wood burning.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, unfortunately the cost is high. Look around to see if there is a grant available, put it together with your state and federal tax incentives, then recalculate your cost.

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