A Few Critical Aspects When You Buy Solar Panel

October 27, 2011 by Aggie Montana  
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Energy today has become like the basic amenities without which one cannot survive. Modern life cannot be imagined without electricity or energy. Electricity is something that accompanies individuals right from the morning and all through the day to carry out the daily chores of life. It is the primary source of energy and obviously it is highly expensive. Yet, when you buy solar panel, it can save you plenty of money.

Solar panel is one thing that can help lessen the utility bills. These equipments supply energy. It is highly cost effective when compared to traditional electricity. Solar panel is built by tying together an array of photovoltaic cells with a wire and then supporting the same with some material before finally installing it in houses.

To buy solar panel though not very expensive needs a bit of care and caution. Feedback from current users is one critical aspect to be remembered before buying a solar panel. Current users may reveal their personal experiences and any problems faced by them in using the solar panel. This feedback may help in avoiding possible problems.

Product guarantee is one more important aspect that is to be kept in mind when planning to buy solar panels. Generally, all well known manufacturers give 25 years of minimum product warranty which translates to the fact that the product is long lasting and the provider is trustworthy.

The next vital factor that one needs to look when trying to buy a solar panel is the cost of the equipment. It is not a smart thing to be influenced by low priced equipments as low price may mean low quality and the efficiency of the same may also be low.

Comparing prices among various providers is always a smart thing to do before trying to buy solar panel. This fact applies to any product for that matter. Availing more than two or three quotes is advisable as this gives a comparison between the products under offer. However, price is not the only criteria to look into. If, for instance, the panel is priced less, then it may be the case that the components used are also cheaper. This, though is beneficial at the time of purchasing the panel, may result in huge costs later.

Last thing that is to be kept in mind is not being influenced or stressed by the words of sales people who spend more time convincing the customer when they want you to buy solar panel.

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2 Responses to “A Few Critical Aspects When You Buy Solar Panel”
  1. Hiba says:

    well i am running on solar at the moemnt and that doesnt come with a monthly bill from the city or state. infact they give me money once a year for not using their energy. so no it doesnt cost trillions of dollars. just do it yourself. it cost me about $1000. thats it. i installed it myself. ive already made back about $700 of that in savings from not using city power. no energy bill every month.

  2. admin says:

    That is what it is partly about. Not many people know how to install their own solar or just can’t be on a roof, if that is where it needs to be.
    I have been off grid ( not hooked up to any electric company ) for 20 plus years. I collected a couple of old panels, got two golf cart batteries. Very basic, but runs lights and a computer, for a few hours, depending on the sun that day.

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