Will The Earth Be Saved By An Eco Friendly Lifestyle?

October 31, 2011 by Perry Schryver  
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Is there truth to the rumors that our planet is fated to die? Who do we put our trust in when we are informed that the very things that are vital for life are becoming spent? For the planet to endure, do we have to embrace an environmentally friendly way of life? If we look after ourselves naturally, can this help at a time when healthcare is expensive? It is time for the children of the world to be knowledgeable in environmentally friendly ways of saving the earth.

Older generations produced their own food and reveled in maintaining their gardens. It is not simply playing in the garden but the taking care of plants, vegetables and trees that we wish for our children to experience. Education is the key and instructing our young ones how, for instance, a green plant creates oxygen from carbon dioxide. Nourishment, unpolluted air and drinking clean water all can lead to a healthy body. Going back to living a green life could reverse many of the damage that has been inflicted on earth.

We live in a planet of conveniences and rapid change but is there a cost to be paid for this. Our average lifetime may be rising but what about the quality of our lives? Medical advancements have eliminated particular diseases, but have they added health conditions that now plague our society? Living green will better the health of the environment and make life worth living. All that is called for is to condition a generation of children to the benefits of living green.

Our air is very polluted as a result of making use of traditional fossil fuels, so the need for solar and wind powered energy exists. The changes should be done today before it is too late. Do we really desire to destroy the earth? Why else would we sit back and watch the world envenomed in this fashion? When is it too late to correct the injury to our water supplies, the air we breathe and the food we feed on.

There was a time when the world moved at a slower tempo and people were important for more than just what they were going to purchase. The welfare of a person have to be paramount rather than any monetary gain through someone being in poor health. It is time to slow down, work for the welfare of all, and become cognizant of what is happening to the world we live in.

The importance of profits may need to be given less stress when studying answers such as wind and solar energy. More natural ways of living, fewer waste and living healthily, these are all things we can teach our children. If we truly care about the type of world our kids will inherit, we need to act immediately and make the changes that are necessary. Developing green living habits should become a priority for each of us.

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A Selection of the Pennsylvania Solar Panels

October 31, 2011 by Tobin Mejia  
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Are you having a hard time in finding the best solar panel for you? Well I cannot blame you since there are really numerous models of panels rising in the market nowadays. To help you give solution to your problem. Here are some of the Pennsylvania Solar Panels.

The first kind of solar panel is made possible to give answer to the never ending demand of those customers that do not have vast roofs. We all know that the solar panels and its accessories are quite huge that obviously requires vast roof, this only connotes that some people who do not have big roofs will be deprived of having the system installed.

The first models of solar panels somewhat requires a huge roof due to the size of the said device, so inventors have created a new model that will fit into the roof regardless of its size and together with this is the flexibility feature since the older solar panels are known to be brittle, these new features make the solar panel live much longer that before.

Solar Panels especially made for homes. The main purpose why renewable source of energy had been introduced in the market is to encourage the people that there are still a lot of ways that we can make to have a green living. This kind of panel is made easy so that customer can easily deal with it. All you have to do is to look for the spot in your roof where sunlight hits often and there you install your solar panel. Actually most of home owners do not solely depend on this source of power, they use it together with the source of electricity that they used to have so that when winter comes they will still have source of power that can be used.

As the time pass by, we can see that the devices and new technologies get smaller and smaller. Solar panels are not left behind; there is a new model that is showing off in the market that is very tiny and very thin. This is what they call the Nano Solar Panel. Although it is very small, it transmits heat energy from the sun at 20% higher than the amount of energy harnessed by other type of panels.

Pennsylvanians do not let yourself be deprived of this great opportunity. I have provided you some of the best types of Pennsylvania Solar Panels. Make your choice, now!

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Homemade Wind Power Energy

October 30, 2011 by Sally Wright  
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You know, you could set up your own personal wind power station whenever you are ready. All you need to make it happen are the right kind of directions and guidance. You can get all that from a website, you know that. What are you waiting for? Log on already and get to discovering how much help you can really be to your own self.

Even if the wind is not very strong, a wind turbine is designed to capture wind power even at its weakest, and to use it effectively to generate electricity. Concentrate on getting the produced energy to the place where you need it the most. You could use your regular wires and cables.

The funny thing about petroleum is that it has raised competition amongst some of the richest nations in the world. This is because everyone wants to be the producer of the substance. Not so, with wind power. No one owns it, so it’s about who can tap it best. And if you are serious about it, you can get the best from it and even make money with it.

Take one last look at your fossil fuels. Coal, oil, wood or natural gas, they are history now. Alright you can save that look for another couple of years while the wind power prototypes are being perfected. But when they are, and every home is being outfitted with them, you will have to come to terms with it.

Wind energy is that contained in the force of the winds that blow across the earth every day. I much doubt that they ever stop blowing day or night, ever. This is why wind power has my vote of confidence for the alternate energy source of the future. So even if it does not blow at the same consistent speed all the time, the turbines are often able to make up for the slack of it.

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Types of Pennsylvania Renewable Energy

October 30, 2011 by Tobin Mejia  
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We cannot deny that scientists and inventors really possess genius minds for they can think of things that we never imagine of being into reality, just like the renewable source of energy. They have thought of something that can replace that burning of fossil fuels as source of energy since in gives of dangerous waste that gives bad effects on the environment. Having this discovery a part of everyday living can be a great help in rejuvenating the beauty of nature.

One of the greatest achievements that they have is the Alternative Energy that has been launched worldwide. Pennsylvania is one of the countries that really patronize this project. Actually there is a lot of Pennsylvania Renewable Energy that they choose from. Allow me to give you a peek on that alternative energy and how it works.

Wind as the source of energy. This kind of energy source makes use of turbines. Turbines actually have three components, the tower, the blades and the nacelle. The last that I have mentioned is the most important part among the three since this is the place where most motion happens; this is where electricity is produced. Wind energy has been used by people since earlier times, but up to now wind energy is not often used as source of power even though it is the cheapest of all.

Water as source of energy, Because of the increasing demand for electricity, scientists has thought of something that is of huge volume and will never run out of stock. And since 70% of earth is made of water, experts decided to us it for better purpose. The process of conversion requires vast volume and high speed water to make the generator works. If the generator turns on the transformation process begins.

Solar heat as source of energy, this is one of the easiest system that consumer can avail of. There are a lot of solar panels available in the market that can be installed by the buyer himself. And also the machines come in different sizes and design that fits the various demands of the customers.

Due to the new invention that the experts have introduced, we all have the opportunity to save our environment, the opportunity to avoid the vast destruction in the future. Pennsylvania Renewable Energy is just one of those opportunities that we can grab. The decision is all in your hands. Make your choice, now.

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A Closer Look At The Basics Of A Solar Panel Kit

October 29, 2011 by Aggie Montana  
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A solar panel kit is those kits that have the complete set of materials to build a solar panel. Solar panels help in reducing utility bills. Solar energy is renewable energy and solar panels when installed in households, supply electricity through solar energy. Solar panels necessarily supply photovoltaic solar energy.

Getting solar panels installed at homes by a professional is a very costly affair. Rather, building the panel on your own is much more cost effective, economical and is also easy enough to take on. There is no need of any kind of specialized skills that one needs to have to build a solar panel using the comprehensive solar panel kits. All that is required is knowledge to handle a hammer and operate a drilling machine.

Involving kids and other members of the family while creating a solar panel would be fun. This would additionally create curiosity in the kids to learn something new and also to know the importance of saving money and being environmental friendly.

The entire task of building the panel would need a few days if done on a daily basis in a step by step manner. In case devoting time on a daily basis for this job is not possible, then it would take a little longer to build the solar panel. Alternatively, if time is not a constraint and if the person building the panel is skilled in handling tools in the right manner, then building the solar panel with the help of readily available solar panel kits would not need much time and can be completed in considerably lesser time period.

In either of the above cases, investing in a solar panel kit is any day worth both the time and money. All the additional parts that would be needed can be availed from the local hardware store.

The cost of the solar panel kit usually differs from one place to another. However, on an average it would cost roughly estimated up to a few hundred dollars or somewhere close to this amount. Yet, buying a solar panel kit to build the solar panel is much cheaper when compared to buying a readymade panel and getting it installed by somebody else.

Usually, many of these solar panel kits that are sold display most of the elements that the kit would contain. It is vital to buy manual with the kit as the manual will direct the person in building the panel.

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Solar Panel Benefits of Installation

October 28, 2011 by Sally Wright  
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If you have solar heating, could save yourself a lot of trouble and money. Heating, you know, is about the thing that consumes energy the most, so you could see your electricity bills dropping significantly. You do all that with a solar panel.

You need your solar panel to absorb the energy of the sun in sufficient quantity to matter to you and your appliances. To make that happen, you need a large surface are for the sun to be incident upon, and a storage battery for charges that are going to be used later when the need arises. That really is all there is to it.

Because of the variety of technology that is available all over the world, there are different types of solar panels. Most of them work in cycles, though. They have carrier fluids that tap the energy incident on the surface of the panel and use it to do the heating inside the house. Then they travel back through piping in the system to collect more energy again. Very simple; you shouldn’t have any problems.

Some fear that we have tortured this earth to an irredeemable point. Whereas it is true that we have done the poisoning, it is far from irredeemable. Earth can heal itself, but we need the solar panels right now. It is the panels that will link us to solar energy the way we need to be so that we can chill out on the poisonous fumes from petroleum and other fossil fuels whilst we let the earth do her thing.

The toxic environment is indeed killing off all life at a slow rate. We can only turn the tide if we stop polluting. That is why we need solar energy to substitute that which we get from burning fuels; that is why we need solar panels to help tap that energy. I’m pretty certain you appreciate it well enough now to start to take steps in that direction yourself.

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A Few Critical Aspects When You Buy Solar Panel

October 27, 2011 by Aggie Montana  
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Energy today has become like the basic amenities without which one cannot survive. Modern life cannot be imagined without electricity or energy. Electricity is something that accompanies individuals right from the morning and all through the day to carry out the daily chores of life. It is the primary source of energy and obviously it is highly expensive. Yet, when you buy solar panel, it can save you plenty of money.

Solar panel is one thing that can help lessen the utility bills. These equipments supply energy. It is highly cost effective when compared to traditional electricity. Solar panel is built by tying together an array of photovoltaic cells with a wire and then supporting the same with some material before finally installing it in houses.

To buy solar panel though not very expensive needs a bit of care and caution. Feedback from current users is one critical aspect to be remembered before buying a solar panel. Current users may reveal their personal experiences and any problems faced by them in using the solar panel. This feedback may help in avoiding possible problems.

Product guarantee is one more important aspect that is to be kept in mind when planning to buy solar panels. Generally, all well known manufacturers give 25 years of minimum product warranty which translates to the fact that the product is long lasting and the provider is trustworthy.

The next vital factor that one needs to look when trying to buy a solar panel is the cost of the equipment. It is not a smart thing to be influenced by low priced equipments as low price may mean low quality and the efficiency of the same may also be low.

Comparing prices among various providers is always a smart thing to do before trying to buy solar panel. This fact applies to any product for that matter. Availing more than two or three quotes is advisable as this gives a comparison between the products under offer. However, price is not the only criteria to look into. If, for instance, the panel is priced less, then it may be the case that the components used are also cheaper. This, though is beneficial at the time of purchasing the panel, may result in huge costs later.

Last thing that is to be kept in mind is not being influenced or stressed by the words of sales people who spend more time convincing the customer when they want you to buy solar panel.

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Curious About How to Cut Back on Energy?

October 26, 2011 by Andrew Stratford  
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You can save money in your home by cutting on your energy demand. 43% of your utility bill is due to heating and cooling. Some energy saving tips that work will allow you to cut on your energy demand meaning you will be cutting the amount of resources like coal and gas which go into the production of energy. As you reduce on the energy demand in the home, you save money and contribute in reducing the greenhouse gas emission. You keep the air clean and healthy.

Your energy bill at home is influenced by the way your home is insulated, heating and cooling system used, water heating, windows, lighting and types of appliances used in the home. When your home is not properly insulated, it affects the air entrance and outlet from your home during winter and summer. In summer hot air from outside enters the home and causes your air cooling system operate for a long time to maintain a certain room temperature.

Windows, air leaks and cracks should be well insulated and sealed. Fire places should also be properly sealed and dampers closed during summer when not being used. Equipment used for heating or cooling such as air filters for cleaning should generally be well maintained.

The heating and cooling bill is about 43% and so steps must be carried to cut on it. Select energy saving tips may suggest that you use energy efficient products for heating and cooling. Shopping for ENERGY STAR labeled equipment can be a great energy saving tip. In winter, keep draperies and shades facing the sun open so you can gain some heat in the rooms but keep them closed in summer. Set thermostats for cooling and heating at comfort temperatures. Landscaping your home cooler in summer and reduces the bill and its one of many energy saving tips.

One of the greatest tips to consider when cutting down on energy bills is insulation. Always try to figure out how much energy is used in your home before deciding the necessary changes to be made. Air leaks moving in and outside the house should be properly sealed. Air leaks always have a great effect on cooling and heating bills.

Common areas that need to be examined for energy usage are door frames, dropped ceiling, window frames, air ducts lights, and chimneys. Sealing of these should be properly done. Storm windows can be installed instead of single pane windows during winter. Always consider hiring a contractor to examine energy usage and consumption in your home. He may examine the attic, basement walls, floors and ceilings for levels of insulation.

Systems used to heat water in homes are another way of saving energy. It is important to always insulate hot water pipes especially during winter. Always take showers rather than baths so as to use less water. Proper maintenance and insulation of a water storage system are among various energy saving tips which should also be considered.

In the laundry room, wash with cold water in summer using cold water detergent. Wash and dry full loads and dry heavy towels and heavier cotton items separate from light ones. Everyone is looking at ways of saving money and the best place to start from is the home. Ensure that your home is properly insulated and sealed from hot and cold air entrance.

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Fascinating Solar Energy Facts For The Novice

October 26, 2011 by Aggie Montana  
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Humans are ingenious. We have come up with many different ways to produce electricity. But we are also traditionalists who like to stick with what works, so all the myriad methods, from coal to nuclear power, involve steam turning a turbine. One of the more interesting solar energy facts is that photovoltaic cells represent a brand new way.

John Herschel is thought to have used sunlight to cook his food during a trip to Africa. His simple solution, a box designed to collect and distribute heat, led to the discovery of other ways to harness the power of our nearest star. These are broken down into two broad categories, heating and electricity.

Heating can be anything from specialized greenhouses to water. Trapping sunlight is the goal. It can be one with glass, like a greenhouse, or black plastic, like a water heater. Humans have always used the sun in this way, but lately we have gotten better at doing it efficiently.

Changing sunshine into electricity to power a home can be done in one of two ways. Individual photovoltaic cells are molded into panels that are then set up on a grid in a highly insulated location. The cells are able to transform sunbeams directly into electricity. The electricity be used immediately or stored in a battery.

Solar generating power plants still use the traditional method of heating a liquid to a boil and then running the steam through a turbine. Giant mirrors are used to focus the heat. The heat source is different, but the principle is the same one that functions in every other power plant on the planet.

Wherever there is sunshine, there is solar power. California, though, can claim to make the most of its sunshine. There are 11 solar power plants in America and 9 of them are in California. Located in the Mojave Desert, numbers 8 and 9 each produce 80 megawatts of power (a megawatt will power 1000 homes for one hour) and are considered the largest sun powered power plants.

In Europe, where vast swathes of desert are few and far between, they have proved more likely to adopt the photovoltaic technology. Portugal and Germany both brought huge solar arrays on line in 2008. While the amount of power generated by each cell is very small, when you gather a bunch of them on a panel and set that panel alongside thousands of others, you get a fair amount of power.

Because it is available everywhere, solar power can be used for a large variety of tasks. Solar collectors can even heat your home! I will leave you with something to think about. Among the many solar energy facts, consider this: if we covered 4% of world desert lands with photovoltaic cells, we could produce enough power to completely meet current demand.

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Is A Solar Panel Electrical System Right For You?

October 25, 2011 by Owen Jones  
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Until approximately a hundred years ago in the West, people only had recourse to renewable energy for heat and light for their homes. They burnt wood and sometimes coal or peat (OK, fossil fuels) and got up when the sun came up and went to bed with the sun as well. In, fact a large part of the world’s population still lives like that.

Things altered with mechanized industry and night shifts. Electricity producers sold the population on being able to do more instead of just sleeping when it became dark, and the Western population got hooked on buying huge amounts of energy, mostly electricity and engine fuel, which was usually produced from oil and coal.

This idea soon travelled around the world and with rising prosperity came emulation and other countries wanted the same. Now we are in the sad situation where we have to confess that we rode the fossil fuel gravy train to its terminus without thinking about what we would utilize when fossil fuels ran out.

This is where the typical citizen comes in. You have to think about how you want to draw energy in the future. Do you want to be powered by keeping sucking unrenewable resources out of the planet, or do you want to have as little to do with it as you can? Would you rather have everything you have now, but know that the resources that are powering your lifestyle are renewable?

If, like millions of others around the globe, you would rather say ‘No!’ to traditional power production techniques, then you have to take a stand. But not only in words, you really have to do some something about it physically.

This will mean investing a lot of money up front, which may not be a problem for you or you may even consider that taking a stand is worth asking for a bank loan. These are admirable feelings, but I would like to propose that there is another way to self-sufficiency.

You could make your own!

Why not? The technology has been around for decades and is pretty straightforward. Most moderately capable teenagers can assemble a bank of photovoltaic cells into a solar panel and then plug that into your home’s electrical system. And if a teenager can manage it, so can you. All you (and the teenager) will need is a solar panel kit and a schematical diagram. A plan in other words.

A solar panel kit can be bought locally from a DIY shop or from the Internet. A typical solar panel will take a few hours to assemble and will produce 100 watts of electrical energy. The electricity produced from these panels is then passed through an inverter that changes the current from DC to AC, making it usable by household appliances and the utility grid.

Do yourself and the planet a good turn, get off the grid and start saving money and the planet’s resources, you will be surprised how easy it is once you get going. And do not forget, you can do it in stages of, say, one 100 watt panel a month until you hit self-sufficiency. It is not a question of ‘All or Nothing’.

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